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Over 1,000 Cheese Lovers Expected at Crucolo Cheese Parade Thursday in Concord, Mass.

No one can call the residents of Concord, Mass. blasé. Each year, on the first Thursday in December at 3:30 PM, residents of all ages assemble on Walden Street for the arrival of the largest wheel of Italian cheese in North America. This year, the date is this upcoming Thursday, December 5.

The annual Crucolo Cheese Parade attracts over 1,000 adults and children. The event includes a number of spectacles and special attractions.

The highlight of the Crucolo Cheese Parade is the arrival down the town’s main commercial street, by horse-drawn cart, of a 400 lb. wheel of Crucolo cheese. The wheel is equal in diameter to a 3-year-old child. The Crucolo is accompanied by a member of the Purin family, makers of Crucolo for the past 250 years. Its trip began in Scurelle, a town in the mountains of Trentino, Italy, where the cheese is made especially for this event.

The Crucolo Dancers, a troupe of exuberant Concord Academy teenagers, prance down the street in advance of the cheese. Simultaneously, the cheese is loudly serenaded by an Italian chorale group, while 1,000 excited onlookers brandish Italian flags.

A proclamation announcing Crucolo Day in Concord will be read in both English and Italian. Then, the Crucolo will be rolled from the horse cart to a stage to be cut, sliced and distributed to the hungry crowd.

On the sidewalk, parade attendees will have the opportunity to pose with the giant cheese. Meanwhile, inside The Concord Cheese Shop, cheese-lovers clamor to purchase Crucolo, which retails for about $20 per pound. The entire 400-lb. wheel will be sold before Christmas.

The Crucolo parade is free and open to the public.  The 4th Annual Crucolo Cheese Parade is being sponsored by The Concord Cheese Shop, as well as Savello USA (exclusive U.S. importer of Crucolo) and Accardi Foods (Boston-area distributor).

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