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Funky Chunky Debuts Cafe Collection

Funky ChunkyFunky Chunky Café is FunkyChunky’s newest offering. Inspired by a local coffee shop and a coffee-loving staff, it is a gourmet coffee flavored popcorn that comes in three irresistible specialty coffee flavors: Caramel Latte, Vanilla Sweet Crème and Dark Chocolate Mocha.

Caramel Latte begins with traditional decedent caramel popcorn. Then layers of caramel latte white chocolate drizzle, milk chocolate drizzle and chewy caramel are added, and it’s highlighted with dark chocolate-covered espresso beans for an explosion of flavors.

Vanilla Sweet Crème is similar but with vanilla sweet crème white chocolate, chewy caramel and white chocolate covered espresso beans.

Lastly, Dark Chocolate Mocha loads up with dark chocolate mocha drizzle, milk chocolate drizzle, chewy caramel and dark chocolate covered espresso beans – perfect for your favorite chocoholic.
All flavors come in 5-ounce bags and 19-ounce canisters, perfect for customers seeking a unique, surprising gift. Two-ounce packages will launch this fall.

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