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Vermont Creamery Adds Fresh Flavors to Growing Retail Goat Cheese Collection

Vermont Creamery chevre logsVermont Creamery is adding three new fresh goat cheese flavors to its growing lineup of high-quality cheeses and butter.

With a focus on unique flavors and high-quality ingredients, Vermont Creamery is heading to market with the first round of new 4-ounce chèvre logs: Clover Blossom Honey, Wild Blueberry Lemon & Thyme and Smoky Pepper Jelly.

“In the 34 years since we made our first fresh chèvre, Vermont Creamery has grown while staying true to our core values,” said Adeline Druart, President of Vermont Creamery. “As we expand our offerings, high-quality, unique ingredients remain a focus of our innovation efforts. The search for the newest flavor selections was rigorous, and the result is an elevated collection of fresh goat cheese that’s made in Vermont.”

Inspired by the beloved pairing of fresh goat cheese and honeycomb, Clover Blossom Honey chèvre combines Vermont Creamery’s fresh chèvre and pure, liquid honey produced in North Dakota. The tart, creamy chèvre is blended with honey for a subtly sweet, floral flavor.

Blueberry Lemon & Thyme chèvre is made with dried wild blueberries that are satisfyingly sweet and bursting with flavor. Taking inspiration from a traditional blueberry lemon cake, candied lemon peel adds tartness and the savory spice of thyme complements the sweetness of the berries. It’s the perfect cheese to serve as a dessert.

Sweet meets heat in the new Smoky Pepper Jelly flavored log. A twist on an American classic– coupling creamy fresh chèvre and sweet and smoky pepper jelly—this log is hand-rolled in a rich dry rub that boasts flavors of poblano peppers and hickory smoke.

The trio of new flavors join the existing lineup including: Classic, Herb de Provence, Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon and Three Peppercorn. They will be available at select retailers nationwide on April 1, 2018.

Fruit Bliss Adds Tart Cherries to Organic Dried Fruit Line

Fruit Bliss is excited to announce the expansion of its organic dried fruit line to include soft and juicy rehydrated Tart Cherries.
“After the success of our current line of organic dried fruit, we are excited to add Tart Cherries to the list,” said Susan Leone, Founder and Owner of Fruit Bliss. “Our Tart Cherries are great for a healthy snack right out of the bag, or for an extra flavor zing in any recipe or smoothie.”

fruitbliss editphoto1Fruit Bliss Tart Cherries are picked at the height of ripeness and sun-dried, and then undergo a rehydrating process that leaves them juicier and softer than traditional dried fruit. Like all of Fruit Bliss’ products, these Tart Cherries are organic, non-GMO verified, gluten free and contain no preservatives. They will be available in 4 ounce re-sealable pouches on Amazon and in markets around the country.

“Compared with other dried fruits, ours are soft and juicy, with no added sulfites,” said Leone, a Brooklyn mom who decided to start Fruit Bliss to fill the gap in 100 percent healthy snacks on the supermarket shelves. “Fruit Bliss really is dried fruit reinvented and a truly healthy snack or addition to many dishes.”

Experience Ginger in a New Way with Savortree Herb Crystals Ginger

Gourmet News Ad for WFFS 2017Savortree® Ginger Crystals are the newest flavor in the Herb Crystals®, Flower Crystals® and Fruit Crystals® line by Fresh Origins, a San Diego-based company. Made from real ginger, these Crystals have a refreshing, authentic ginger taste and they are the hottest new ingredient in the kitchen! Not only does ginger have health and medicinal benefits, these Crystals will add delight and balance to any meal. They are zesty and crunchy with just the right amount of ginger spice. From sweet to savory, add Ginger Crystals to salads, meats, seafood, pastries, fresh fruit, gelato, chocolate and even cocktails.

“I love the Herb Crystals not only for their vibrant flavor, but also for the unique texture they impart to my desserts,” said Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini.

Savortree Herb Crystals, Flower Crystals and Fruit Crystals are an original concept by Fresh Origins. They have dazzling, all-natural colors and incredible flavors that come only from fresh whole herbs and flowers with absolutely no added flavors, preservatives or coloring and they are kosher certified. Fresh Origins produces the most flavorful fresh herbs and edible flowers, which are carefully hand-harvested at the peak of flavor and color content; these are then combined with cane sugar to create beautiful, flavorful crystals that look and taste amazing. Savortree Crystals add an enticing and distinctive finishing touch to any culinary creation. Add color, texture and flavor to salads, fresh fruit, chocolates and much more.

For Mixology: Savortree Mini Herb Crystals®, Mini Flower Crystals® and Mini Fruit Crystals® are the next generation of glass rimmers. Mini Crystals have a finer granule size than regular Crystals and are perfect for creating distinctive upscale cocktails.

For Tea: Savortree Herb Crystals, Flower Crystals and Fruit Crystals dissolve readily in tea. Sweeten and flavor hot tea in a distinctive and delicious new way!

Savortree Crystals are available in the following flavors: Basil, Cilantro, Ginger, Habañero, Mint, Fennel, Rose, Hibiscus, Cranberry and Pumpkin Spice. They are shelf-stable and best used before six months, but can be frozen for a longer shelf life.

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