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ADAM Tea Offers Specialties for Tea Lovers

ADAM Tea is diligent in its pursuit of delivering the perfect cup of tea. Born from a desire to share a superior healthy product with friends and family, ADAM Tea has been spearheading Sri Lanka’s tea industry by providing superior teas and courteous service for 60 years. The company planted hopeful roots in sunny California 25 years ago.

Offering only the purest, high grade green and black Ceylon teas, ADAM Tea is a leader in the Sri Lankan tea industry. The company uses only teas that have been awarded the coveted Lion Seal of purity by the Sri Lankan Tea Board.
Have you ever noticed a cloudiness in tea after it has been brewed? There are more than 200 tea grades currently available, and much of the tea commonly found in the United States is a much lower grade than Ceylon tea, producing this cloudy result. ADAM Tea goes a step further, utilizing Lion Seal Ceylon tea. This means that ADAM Tea resides on the upper 10 percent of the 200 grade scale. All tea from Sri Lanka is procured in an auction, where the quality is strictly monitored and the best tea is awarded a seal. In this way, Sri Lanka can guarantee the quality of its most prized commodity.
Although ADAM Tea is relatively new to the United States, the company has already left its mark across the Middle East. It can also be found in Russia, Italy, France and all over South America.
ADAM’s newest offering, the pyramid tea, is sure to keep tea lovers happy. Taste 18 different teas in a pyramid tea collector tin, a limited edition offering from ADAM Tea. Also try the new Supreme Blends and Exotic Masala Blends lines, both available in tins. These collections feature hand-rolled high-quality tea leaves combined with fruits, herbs, spices, veggies and various edible flora. Truly distinct, these teas are blended with a three-year shelf life. This shipment of succulent fusions is sure to delight all who taste it.
Making its products even more appealing to retailers, ADAM Tea offers tea training, POS and promo materials, in-store demos and samples to those looking for marketing assistance. Consumers love ADAM Tea’s extensive beverage line, whether it be iced in summer of hot in winter. ADAM is perfect for every occasion and season. Brew perfect tea every time with ADAM Teas!
For more information, contact ADAM Tea by phone at 888.725.0365 or by email at Also, visit the company online at

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