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The American Vegetarian Association Awards Eggland’s Best Certification

 For the tenth year in a row the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) has awarded its certification to Eggland’s Best.

The AVA certification acknowledges Eggland’s Best as a part of the American Vegetarian Association’s Global Certification program, which recognizes the standards of vegetarian assurance and enables vegetarian-minded people to make the best food choices. Eggland’s Best’s 2014 AVA certification assures vegetarians that by selecting Eggland’s Best products, they are receiving the very best vegetarian foods.

“We are honored that Eggland’s Best’s eggs are the only eggs to be certified and recommended by the American Vegetarian Association,” says Charles Lanktree, President and CEO of Eggland’s Best, LLC. “We are proud to be a part of AVA’s growing family of quality certified products, which allows consumers to trust our product with the highest vegetarian certification.”

The Eggland’s Best hen feed consists of a proprietary all-vegetarian feed of healthy grains, which gives EB eggs significantly better nutrition compared to ordinary eggs. As a result, Eggland’s Best eggs contain 10 times the vitamin E, four times the vitamin D and twice the amount of omega-3 fatty acids than ordinary eggs.  Eggland’s Best eggs also contain 25 percent less saturated fat and only 70 calories per egg.

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