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eSutras Organics: Exquisite Products in Small Batches

eSutras Organics is a Chicago-based wholesale supplier of organic culinary herbs, spices and oils, as well as a manufacturer of specialty health foods and herbal medicinal teas. At their Chicago-based USDA certified organic and FDA inspected facility, eSutras Organics manufactures a carefully nurtured line of exquisite products in small batches. The company’s offerings are unique, not like most commercial food companies’ products seen in chain grocery store aisles.

eSutras Organics manufactures gourmet healthy sweeteners, including enriched agaves, jaggery and raw whole cane juice powder, as well as delicious herbal medicinal teas and Cocoa Cravings hot chocolate beverages. Exciting new ethnic flavors abound in the company’s spices and spice blends. eSutras Organics’ spices are fair trade, family farmed and minimally processed.
eSutras Organics products are perfect for any shop whose customers demand great quality and value for their money. The company offers special discounts for bulk food ingredients, including nuts, seeds, flours, sugar, herbs, spices and repacks.
Bring these products to the forefront of your display and your customers will notice. In eSutras’ supplier duties it works with TC Bauer Co., which offers a free sampling with orders policy, which provides an easy way to create continued sales and provides tasty dialogue with your customers. eSutras Organics seeks to create an experience your customers will relish. Stylish new packaging, generous portion sizes and small minimum orders ensure eSutras Organics products will be a good fit for your marketplace.
For more information, call eSutras Organics at 773.583.4850. Also, visit eSutras Organics’ business-to-business website, ES Wholesale, at, where all registered retailers have easy access to order the company’s products.

ADAM Tea Offers Specialties for Tea Lovers

ADAM Tea is diligent in its pursuit of delivering the perfect cup of tea. Born from a desire to share a superior healthy product with friends and family, ADAM Tea has been spearheading Sri Lanka’s tea industry by providing superior teas and courteous service for 60 years. The company planted hopeful roots in sunny California 25 years ago.

Offering only the purest, high grade green and black Ceylon teas, ADAM Tea is a leader in the Sri Lankan tea industry. The company uses only teas that have been awarded the coveted Lion Seal of purity by the Sri Lankan Tea Board.
Have you ever noticed a cloudiness in tea after it has been brewed? There are more than 200 tea grades currently available, and much of the tea commonly found in the United States is a much lower grade than Ceylon tea, producing this cloudy result. ADAM Tea goes a step further, utilizing Lion Seal Ceylon tea. This means that ADAM Tea resides on the upper 10 percent of the 200 grade scale. All tea from Sri Lanka is procured in an auction, where the quality is strictly monitored and the best tea is awarded a seal. In this way, Sri Lanka can guarantee the quality of its most prized commodity.
Although ADAM Tea is relatively new to the United States, the company has already left its mark across the Middle East. It can also be found in Russia, Italy, France and all over South America.
ADAM’s newest offering, the pyramid tea, is sure to keep tea lovers happy. Taste 18 different teas in a pyramid tea collector tin, a limited edition offering from ADAM Tea. Also try the new Supreme Blends and Exotic Masala Blends lines, both available in tins. These collections feature hand-rolled high-quality tea leaves combined with fruits, herbs, spices, veggies and various edible flora. Truly distinct, these teas are blended with a three-year shelf life. This shipment of succulent fusions is sure to delight all who taste it.
Making its products even more appealing to retailers, ADAM Tea offers tea training, POS and promo materials, in-store demos and samples to those looking for marketing assistance. Consumers love ADAM Tea’s extensive beverage line, whether it be iced in summer of hot in winter. ADAM is perfect for every occasion and season. Brew perfect tea every time with ADAM Teas!
For more information, contact ADAM Tea by phone at 888.725.0365 or by email at Also, visit the company online at

New Zealand Pacific Sea Salt and Manuka Honey from Pacific Resources

According to Matthew 5:13, “You are the salt of the earth.” In fact, your tears and your blood contain the same balance of salt and trace elements as found in sea salt that has been naturally dried for 13 to 22 months. New Zealand Pacific Sea Salt is harvested from the clean southern seas surrounding New Zealand. It contains no anti-caking or free flowing agents, and it contains all the natural trace elements that your body requires in a perfect balance.

Pacific Resources International is an exclusive importer of this high quality sea salt from New Zealand. It is packaged in several convenient sizes from 4 ounces to 26 ounces. In addition, the product comes in two styles: fine and coarse kosher and 16-ounce kosher/organic.
A new addition to the Pacific Resources family is Mesquite Smoked Pacific Sea Salt in coarse or fine, a great addition to any meal that requires a down-home country barbecue flavor.
PRI has also seen dramatic increases in the sales of its Manuka Honey, known as the healing honey. This success is based on the fact that Manuka is working for thousands of people around the world as a simple sweet answer for everyday good health. Research continues to pour in for the many uses of Manuka honey as a digestive aid, for wound treatment and immune building.
Professor Basel Al Ramadi, the lead researcher and head of the Microbiology and Immunology Department at UAE University, recently discovered that Manuka honey can be used to inhibit the growth of several types of cancer cells. This is the first time that a study has been made to investigate Manuka honey’s potency in the treatment of cancer. Researchers have discovered that regular consumption of even very small amounts of Manuka honey can actually stop the growth of some cancer cells.
As the first to introduce Manuka Honey to the United States, PRI will continue to spread the word this year and into 2014 in the social media arena and traditional advertising with the latest medical research and new products available for those that believe that nature still has some of the best answers for our everyday good health.
For more information, contact Pacific Resource by phone at 805.684.0624 or by email at, or visit the company online at

Ariston Continues Providing the Very Best in Olive Oil

The Doukas family has been producing extra virgin olive oil for three generations and could only think of one word to describe it: “Ariston,” which in ancient Greek means, “the very best.” To keep offering the very best, at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show, Ariston introduced a line of Californian Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Californian Koroneiki Infused Olive Oils to meet customers’ need for products that are made here in the United States.

Since 1997, Ariston has been selling its extra virgin olive oil in the Ariston Refill and Save Program. Imagine that you buy six to 10 glass bottles per year of extra virgin olive oil. Now, imagine your neighbors, family and friends buy that many as well. When you are done with the bottle where does it go? By purchasing your extra virgin olive oil through Ariston’s Refill and Save program, you are able to reuse your bottle and save money on future refills. Due to the success of the Ariston Refill and Save Program, Ariston has now extended the program to its entire extra virgin olive oil, infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar condiments line. And while the rest of the EVOO world has caught on to the fusti bulk concept, Ariston sets itself apart by producing extra virgin olive oil from its own farms and neighboring farms, ensuring that consumers receive the very best oil from Koroneiki olive trees.
Ariston is planning to launch several new flavors, including chocolate-infused olive oil, thyme-infused olive oil, oregano-infused olive oil and pizza-flavored olive oil, as well as a series of premium flavored balsamic vinegars including chocolate-honey-orange, espresso balsamic, Sicilian lemon balsamic, mango balsamic, Calabrian tangerine balsamic and truffle-infused balsamic, just to name a few.
Arison also offers a line of all-natural honey from beekeepers local to where the olives are harvested as well as all-natural fruit preserves from Greece.
For more information, visit

The Invisible Chef Blondies and Brownies

The Invisible Chef’s blondies and brownies are as much fun to bake as they are to eat! The company’s collection of products includes best selling brownie flavors mocha chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip, as well as blondie flavor walnut chocolate chip. All are easy to prepare with only a few ingredients from your kitchen.

The Invisible Chef offers premium baking mixes blended using all-natural ingredients, so you always get the quality you have come to expect in every bite. Other products available from the company include Coffee & Tea Cakes, Frosted & Fabulous Cupcake Kits, Savory Muffin Cakes, Bake It Quick Breads, Sweet Muffin Cakes, Bed & Breakfast Favorites and Cookie Jar Classics.
The Invisible Chef’s collection of blondies and brownies are packaged in beautiful gift style boxes with product photography that sells itself. Each 20-ounce box retails for $9.95. The company’s blondies and brownies are now available, as of September 2013.
For order information or to receive the company’s product catalog, call 800.456.7115, or email The Invisible Chef, fudgy, chocolatey and chewy: “Be Happy—Eat a Brownie!”

Conroy Foods Livening Up the Deli Counter

At Conroy Foods, sauce and seasoning is the company’s only business. The team at Conroy Foods is passionate about creating the highest quality, best tasting condiments. Beano’s Deli Condiments are made with only the finest ingredients. That is why Beano’s Deli Condiments is the No. 1 selling brand.

Every year, Conroy Foods works hard to come up with the next hot flavors. This year, the company is introducing Beano’s Pineapple Honey Mustard, Beano’s Peach Habanera Sauce, Beano’s Jalapeno Mustard and Beano’s Sandwich Shakers.
The team behind Beano’s Sandwich Shakers has not been this excited about a product release since the launch of Beano’s Submarine Dressing back in 1989. Beano’s Sandwich Shakers will add robust flavor without added fat, cholesterol or carbohydrates. They can also be used to liven up baked potatoes or pasta salads, or they can be used as a rub for chicken or pork.
Conroy Foods has created many unique and upscale sandwich recipes using the company’s sauces. The brand loves to work with its customers to create custom sandwich programs for grocery store deli departments. Many of Conroy Foods’ recipes are available online at When grocers incorporate Beano’s into their sandwich program, they not only create incredible sandwiches but also a perfect sampling vehicle for all of the products that they sell in the deli, including Beano’s Deli Condiments.
All of Conroy Foods’ products and merchandizing tools can be seen on the company’s website. The website was recently updated with links for Twitter and Facebook, making it easy for fans to keep in touch. You can search for great ways to use the company’s products in the online recipe center.
As the team at Conroy Foods always likes to say: “No matter how you slice it, stack it, or spread it, Beano’s makes it better!”™ “Live, Love, Get Sauced!”™
Conroy Foods is located at 100 Chapel Harbor Drive in Pittsburgh, Pa., 15238. Contact the company by phone at 412.781.1446.

Kane Candy Chocolate Party Cups Now Available in Nine Award Winning Varieties

Kane Candy strives to offer only the very best in premium quality chocolate party cups, chocolate dessert cups, chocolate decorations and allied products to the specialty retail and gift class of trade. The company’s chef inspired products have taken the market by storm and continue to be best sellers at quality minded retailers, as well as within the premium gift basket segment. Kane Candy recently added four new varieties to their award winning line up of products, and the company now offers beautiful new packaging for all nine varieties.

Kane Candy Chocolate Party Cups offer a quick and easy solution for the novice baker, at home pastry chef or party planner who wants to offer exquisite desserts they can call their own. Get creative with Kane Candy’s chocolate cups by simply filling them with chocolate mousse, gelato, sorbet or whipped cream. Then, simply top the dessert with fresh berries or chocolate decorations and serve.

Kane Candy Chocolate Party Cups are now available in nine award winning retail varieties. They are great for culinary stores, gourmet shops, kitchenware stores, wine & cheese shops, quality gift baskets, candy stores, bridal shops, hostess gifts and holiday parties. For more information, email or visit the company’s website, For wholesale orders, call 800.875.5557.

Holiday Shipper Displays Showcased by Tortuga Rum Cake Company

Designed especially for holiday sales, the Tortuga Rum Cake Company introduced a festive, seasonal version of its popular rum cake shipper displays at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show. Maximizing space and boosting retail sales, these free standing, sturdy cardboard floor displays hold either 60 4-ounce or 30 16-ounce original golden rum cakes or assorted flavors. Floor displays for Tortuga’s latest products, 100 percent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and award-winning Chocolate Rum Turtles with Sea Salt, each holding 36 units, will be available for fourth quarter shipments.

“Because our rum cakes are so popular at Christmas time, our retailers asked for a holiday version of our shipper displays,” says Monique Hamaty-Simmonds, Chief Marketing Officer for Tortuga. “The success of our rum cake shippers encouraged us to create similar displays for our 100 percent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and Tortuga Chocolate Rum Turtles with Sea Salt.”
Tortuga rum cakes are baked in the Cayman Islands, Barbados and Jamaica from a generations-old island family secret recipe. Each cake is hand-glazed with Tortuga Gold Rum and vacuum sealed to lock in the delicious freshness. The cakes are available in three sizes, 33-ounce, 16-ounce and 4-ounce, and in eight tropical flavors. Other products the company offers include hot and savory Caribbean sauces, gourmet coffees, chocolate rum treats and more.
Understanding the adage, “When they try it, they will buy it,” Tortuga reaches out to the thousands of tourists that visit its shops in the Caribbean with free samples of its products. As such, the company also offers sheet cakes to help retailers facilitate their own sampling programs. Point of purchase materials and colorful yellow and red eco-friendly cloth totes are also available.
For more information, contact Tortuga Rum Cake Company by phone at 305.378.6668 or 877.486.7884. Contact the company by email at Visit the company online at

Innovative Seasonings Companies Shaking Up the Spice Rack

By Lucas Witman

In the world of specialty food, it is possible that no subcategory of the industry is as well-established as the spices and seasonings market. In fact, the centuries-old spice trade can be seen as an embryonic enterprise that would later develop into a global fascination with gourmet edibles. Today, while each kitchen pantry is unique in the groceries it contains, nearly every one contains a requisite spice rack, most often replete with the same standardized selection of herbs and seasonings. It can be a difficult task to break into and innovative an industry that has been so firmly established over its lengthy history.
For companies hoping to shake up the seasonings market and compel consumers to introduce something new to their spice racks, it is important to find a way to stand out from the crowd and catch shoppers’ attentions.
Perhaps the best way for a seasonings and spices company to mark its products as truly innovative is to offer something that is not available anywhere else. This is the strategy employed by The Spice Lab, which has more than 200 different salts in its product portfolio, in addition to 24 spices. The Spice Lab goes out of its way to source unique products from all over the world, some of which have never before been available commercially.
“All of the salts, we source them from artisanal producers around the world,” said Brett Kramer, owner of The Spice Lab. “A couple companies out there, they have a couple dozen salts and that’s it—the same couple dozen salts for five-six-seven-eight years. We go out there, and we find the guy literally in Nowhere, Africa or Nowhere, Japan or Nowhere, Kauai…By doing that, you end up with stuff that’s not cheap, but it’s…phenomenal.”
According to Kramer, it is important that The Spice Lab fosters an identity as a high-end brand within the larger seasonings market. “We go out and find the best stuff. We’re by no means the cheapest guy on the shelf. We’re probably up there with one of the more expensive bottles on the shelf. When people buy the product, they know that they get what they’re paying for,” he said.
The Spice Lab is also working to stay competitive in the industry through presenting its products in creative packaging. “The packaging is innovative,” Kramer said. “The way we do the kits and the practicality of what we’re doing—We’re making not just a great product, but a great looking product.”
For some companies, finding success in today’s specialty seasonings and spices industry can mean reaching out to a new market. Popular brand Kernel Seasons has done this by marketing its diverse portfolio of popcorn seasonings in movie theaters. Kernel Seasons offers its seasonings in an array of creative flavors, both sweet and savory. The seasonings are great on popcorn, but also serve as a terrific addition to pasta, pizza, potatoes, vegetables, eggs and more. Brian Taylor, founder of Kernel Seasons, attributes his company’s success to finding its niche.
“The thing that really sets us apart is our presence in the movie theaters and the fact that we really pin our seasonings to popcorn,” Taylor said. “I think we’re innovative in terms of the types of flavors that we offer, the quality that we offer, the look and feel of the packaging…It’s a really fun look and feel for a really fun type of seasoning.”
As in all facets of the larger specialty food industry, in the world of seasonings and spices, successful companies are always in touch with what is trending among consumers. This can mean paying particular attention to cuisines, flavors and cooking techniques, but also to trends in consumer lifestyles.
“To remain competitive, we need to have our hand on the pulse of the industry,” said Ron Ratz, Director of Protein Development for Wixon. Wixon is a technology-focused company that has developed more than 7,000 flavors that keep customers excited about food.
For Ratz, one of the main food trends to which Wixon is currently responding is the omnipresent consumer desire to go gluten-free. The company is also reaching out to globalized eaters with what he calls: “more adventurous frequent flyer palates.” This means developing more international seasonings and bold flavors.
Kernel Seasons also makes a concerted effort to stay in touch with what is trending.
“There’s a real trend toward playability with food. Kids love to create their own,” Taylor said. He argues that today’s consumer wants to have fun with his or her food, and Kernel Seasons is actively courting this type of eater.
“We have really fun flavors. We’re a fun brand. We’re probably the most fun brand of seasoning out there,” he said.
One trend cited by both Ratz and Taylor as influencing the way their companies do business is the growing move toward at-home food preparation and a back-to-basics lifestyle.
“Foodservice has been struggling. People are eating at home. When preparing meals at home, people want delicious meals but also value added meals,” Ratz said. “If they’re going to trade down in price they want to add value with flavor.”
“There’s been kind of a back-to-the-earth [trend],” Taylor said. “People like popcorn because it’s the only snack that you can really make yourself, and Kernel Seasons fits right into that family process, that family tradition of making popcorn at home.”

Salty Wahine Brings Hawaiian Flavor to the World


Award-winning Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts is a new Hawaiian company that specializes in Hawaiian Sea Salts, flavored seasonings and Hawaii-grown cane sugars infused with fruits, like guava, mango, passion fruit, lychee, coconut and pineapple. Busy customers love the unique colors, tropical flavors and convenience of cooking a gourmet meal with Salty Wahine products.
Salty Wahine’s emphasis is on eating healthy. The company stresses the positive medicinal values of Hawaiian Sea Salts. Coupled with tropical flavors, Salty Wahine products make eating healthy fun.
Salty Wahine started in 2008 and has since grown into an international company. The company’s products are used by five star chefs worldwide. Salty Wahine salts, seasonings and sugars are sold at craft fairs, farmers markets and high-end retail stores in Hawaii, Alaska, the continental United States, Canada, Germany and Saipan.
Contact Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts by mail at P.O. Box 828, Hanapepe, Hawaii, 96716, by phone at 808.346.2942, by fax at 808.442.1230 or by email at Also visit the company online at