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Babo Botanicals Products Help Keep Baby Clean, Safe and Comfortable

by Lorrie Baumann

Winter weather can be particularly tough on babies, whose skin is 70 percent thinner than adult skin and very susceptible to dehydration. Baby’s skin needs to be moisturized frequently with products that do not strip natural oils from the skin. Products should allow the skin to breathe easily and be free of irritants that can cause allergic reactions.

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The Babo Botanicals products meet these requirements and are also all-natural, free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, synthetic fragrances and colors as well as nuts. “These are things that more and more kids and adults appear to have sensitivities to,” says Babo Botanicals owner and CEO Kate Solomon. “We wanted to make the most hypoallergenic products on the market.” The products are all dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested and tear-free.

Oatmilk Group 8041-8040-8042-9606Each of the product lines within the brand are formulated to provide specific solutions to problems that babies and their parents commonly experience. For dry skin or eczema, Babo Botanicals’ oatmeal and calendula shampoo, diaper cream, moisturizing lotion and body wash are the solution. For calming the fussy baby, Lavender Meadowsweet bubble bath and shampoo is great. Berry Primrose shampoo and detangler spray are the solution for tangled locks. The products are all made on a farm in upstate New York from pure flower and plant extracts.

They come from a mom with a background in working with farmers and who began her career with the Peace Corps by developing a beekeeping program for farmers in the Paraguayan village of San Antonio Guazu. Solomon had applied for the beekeeping program after raising bees with her father at the family home in Connecticut. “Paraguay was one of the few countries that had beekeeping as part of their agriculture program,” she says. With a grant from the World Bank, she was able to develop a very solid beekeeping program there before the end of her two-and-a-half-year assignment.

Home from the Peace Corps, she went to work for Avon Products. I was attracted to Avon because I wanted to go into a global personal care business, and I loved the Avon philosophy of women making extra money with their own personal care products businesses,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to have my own business, always. I come from a line of entrepreneurs in my family.”

While at Avon, she realized that she had a knack for developing brands and products, and she continued her career doing that for other companies, including, most recently, almost a decade with L’Oreal developing products for the professional market.

I realized I had a knack for developing brands and products, and I continued my career doing that for other companies. “I saw a real need for very high quality products using the power of botanicals for the kids that could be used by the entire family. The botanicals are important because plants and flowers can produce amazing results in a natural way. That’s better than depending on chemicals that may irritate the skin.”

She began developing the Babo Botanicals products after leaving L’Oreal in 2007 and launched the business in 2010. Babo Botanicals, named after Solomon’s son’s security bunny, was immediately successful in the marketplace. “It’s doubled every year, and we expect it to continue to double,” Solomon says.

The Babo Botanicals products retail from $12 to $14.95. For more information, visit



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