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Bella Lucia Gluten-Free Italian Pizzelle

Bella Lucia Gluten Free Italian Pizzelle has an amazing line of delicious handmade cookies for all your customers’ needs. Bella Lucia is the largest producer of gluten-free pizzelle in the United States. The company has been able to combine the traditional taste of Italian cookies, with a new twist for all your specialty needs.

Bella Lucia still laboriously bakes its pizzelle two at a time, a claim not many other companies could make. Choose between the company’s top four flavors: anise, vanilla, Saigon cinnamon, and the company’s newest flavor, Lemon Love, the perfect mix of tangy and sweet. These pizzelle are just the thing to tempt the pallet.
Bella Lucia never adds any artificial flavors or colors. The company’s pizzelle are always natural and always great! “Be Authentic. Be Unique,” and include Bella Lucia Gluten Free Pizzelle in your product lineup.
For more information, check out Bella Lucia online at, or call 814.201.2222.

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