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California Olive Ranch Secures $35 Million in Equity Funding

California Olive Ranch has received commitments for an equity investment of $35 million led by a major US-based institutional investor and existing investors. As the largest equity investment funding ever in the domestic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) industry, California Olive Ranch sets its sights on making U.S. olive oil a significant player on the global stage.

On the basis of the tremendous success of California Olive Ranch over the past five years, this investment enables future expansion to support the insatiable consumer demand for premium California EVOO.  This contribution is an investment in the future of U.S. olive oil.

  • This funding will allow California Olive Ranch to more than double its acreage.
  • California Olive Ranch is able to create more jobs in the harvesting, production and administrative divisions of the business as well as expand the milling infrastructure throughout California.
  • Additionally, this boost in financial support will provide family farms with the resources to plant more olive trees and as a result, grow their businesses.
  • With the help of investors, California Olive Ranch will also expand its presence by producing organic extra virgin olive oil.
  • California Olive Ranch has been researching and developing a scalable method to eliminate its carbon footprint by an initiative called, regenerative agriculture. The newly purchased plots of land will be fully sustainable, making the operation the first large scale implementation of regenerative agriculture for permanent plantings.

“With the support of our investors, this round of funding supports the planting of new acreage for California Olive Ranch, but is also an investment in the future of olive oil,” says President Gregg Kelley. “This investment will accelerate the future of the American olive oil movement, innovate our sustainable harvesting methods and revolutionize our production technology.”

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