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Sierra Nevada Cheese Company Expands Graziers Yogurt Line

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company has introduced two new flavors to its Graziers line of Whole Milk Grass-Fed Yogurts. Mixed Berry and Lemon join a line that already includes Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry and Vanilla in 6-ounce cups and Plain and Vanilla in 24-ounce cups.

Sierra Nevada Grass-Fed Yogurts for webThe milk that’s used to make the Graziers Yogurts, like the milk that makes the company’s Graziers Cheeses, which are offered in Raw Medium Cheddar, Raw Monterey Jack, Raw Sharp Cheddar and Raw Jalapeno Jack, is sourced from northern California family dairy farms that have their cows – an average of about 100 cows per farm – on pasture for about 335 days a year. The farmers use intensive rotational grazing to keep the cattle moving from one small lot to another every day to ensure that the cows are always eating grasses with the highest nutritional quality to provide optimal nutritional value for the milk they produce. Cows fed on this kind of intensively managed pasture produce milk that’s much higher in conjugated linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid that’s thought to have positive health effects, than the milk from grain-fed cows. This kind of pasture management has also been shown to benefit the environment by reducing soil erosion and increasing carbon sequestration, the ability of the soil to capture and hold carbon so that it is not released as carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas.

The Graziers yogurts are made from whole milk that’s non-homogenized, so that a layer of cream forms on the top of every cup. The fruit is organic, in keeping with the company’s clean ingredients philosophy.

Rogue Creamery Showcases Raw Milk, Organic Blue Cheese at Bra

Rogue Creamery is exhibiting its award winning raw milk, organic Rogue River Blue® and Smokey Blue® cheeses at the world’s largest cheese festival, Cheese, a biennial event held in the Northern Italy city of Bra.

This is the 20th Anniversary of Cheese; this Slow Food® event is expected to draw more than 270,000 visitors with its 300 plus exhibitors representing 23 nations. Rogue Creamery is exhibiting at Bra for the fifth time in a row; the creamery was the 1st American Cheesemaker to ship raw milk cheese to the European Union in 2007, leading the way for a select few other American cheesemakers.

Rogue River BlueRaw milk, organic Rogue River Blue has won more than a dozen national and international awards over the last 14 years including World’s Best Blue at the World Cheese Awards in London. It was recently recognized both as Best American Cheese and as one of the Top 16 Cheeses in the World at the 2012 World Cheese Awards. It also won Best in Show at the American Cheese Society Awards in both 2011 and 2009.

“Our organic, raw milk Rogue River Blue is wrapped in organic Syrah grape leaves that have been macerated in organic pear liqueur. Its forward, well-aged flavor tastes of brandy, fruit and burnt cream. The flavors of our signature terroir include hints of sweet pine, wild ripened berries, hazelnuts, morels and pears,” said David Gremmels, Cheesemaker and President.

Rogue River Smokey BlueRaw milk, organic Smokey Blue won first place at both the 2015 and 2009 American Cheese Society Competition, Best American Cheese at the World Cheese Awards, the Innovation Award at the 2006 SIAL Paris Awards and Outstanding New Product at the 2005 Summer Fancy Food Show. A long gentle cold-smoking, over Oregon hazelnuts shells infuse Smokey Blue with an added layer of rich flavor and terroir. Sweet cream flavors and caramel notes balance earthy flavors of smoke and hints of roasted nuts. The result is a smooth blue cheese reminiscent of candied bacon.

Rogue Creamery’s international award winning handmade cheese is produced from USDA Certified Organic milk from its own organic dairy and made using sustainable practices. Earlier this month, Rogue Creamery celebrated its 2017 Best for the World recognition by meeting the highest standards of verified, overall social and environmental performance, public transparency and accountability as judged by the nonprofit B Lab. The Creamery’s cheese is carried in Whole Foods Market, Neal’s Yard Dairy, London and Fromagerie Laurent Dubois, Paris.

Wisconsin Cheese Companies Send Over 17,000 Pounds of Cheese to Houston

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB), funded by Wisconsin’s dairy farm families, coordinated a state-wide effort with Wisconsin cheesemakers to send over 17,000 pounds of cheese to Houston to provide nutritious food for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Wisconsin Cheese Companies Send Over 17,000 Pounds of Cheese to Houston“We are deeply saddened by the devastation facing Texas residents in the wake of Hurricane Harvey,” says Suzanne Fanning, WMMB Vice President of Marketing Communications. “Our Wisconsin cheesemakers and dairy farmers are inherently focused on helping others so we offered them a way to get involved. Their response to our call for donations was overwhelming – we were initially hoping to send 200 pounds of cheese, but the donations kept pouring in – totaling over 17,000 pounds!”

On Friday, September 1, WMMB employees, cheese company employees and dairy farmers packed a delivery truck in Madison with more than 17,000 pounds of smoked string cheese, cheese curds, muenster, parmesan, classic cheddar and more. The shipment also included 300 pounds of butter.

The delivery is expected to arrive at the Houston Food Bank next week. The Houston Food Bank is the nation’s largest food bank with distribution to its network of nearly 600 hunger relief charities in 18 southeast Texas counties. Shipping and logistics support is being provided by Independent Procurement Alliance Program (IPAP), based in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Twenty six cheese companies from across the dairy state were involved in the relief effort. Participating companies include Agropur, Inc., Arena Cheese Inc., BelGioioso Cheese, Inc., Burnett Dairy Cooperative, Carr Valley Cheese Company Inc., Chula Vista Cheese Company, Decatur Dairy, Inc., Cow Candy, Ellsworth Co-op Creamery, Emmi Roth USA, Foremost Farms USA Cooperative, Grande Cheese, Grassland Dairy Products, Inc., LaClare Family Creamery, Marieke Gouda, Nasonville Dairy, Odyssey Feta, Pine River Pre-Pack Inc., Ponderosa Dairy Products, Sartori Company, Schreiber Foods, Inc., Swiss Valley Farms Co-op, Vern’s Cheese, Inc., Widmer’s Cheese Cellars, Winona Foods, and Zimmerman Cheese.

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