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Ethel M Chocolates Brings Back Original 1932 Mars Bar

Ethel M Chocolates, a Nevada-based subsidiary of Mars, Inc., has revived the beloved classic Mars Bar under its label.

Mars BarManufactured in 1932 by Frank C. Mars, the Mars Bar was known for its “honest to goodness” milk chocolate, creamy nougat, and whole toasted almonds. Until now, the Mars Bar has only been continuously available outside of the United States.

“The Mars Bar is a favorite among chocolate lovers everywhere,” said Oren Young, General Manager of Ethel M Chocolates. “That’s why we wanted to bring back this nostalgic treat in its original form, by using the unique, hand-crafted touch that only Ethel M can offer.”

On Sept. 7, 2017, Ethel M Chocolates partnered with Fremont Street Experience in classic Downtown Las Vegas for a product launch.  During the event, Ethel M Chocolates provided free samples of the candy bar and captured visitor’s reactions to the product. Patrons passing by showed their “Mars Bar Face,” paying homage to vintage Mars Bar ads. The world’s largest digital Mars Bar, measuring 1,500 feet in length, was also displayed on the prominent Fremont Street canopy.

“Downtown Las Vegas was the perfect place for us to relaunch the Mars Bar,” said Young. “This was the original Vegas Strip, and while it has a modern look, it still has that iconic feel, which is what we want to accomplish with the relaunch of the Mars Bar under the Ethel M brand.”

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company Expands Graziers Yogurt Line

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company has introduced two new flavors to its Graziers line of Whole Milk Grass-Fed Yogurts. Mixed Berry and Lemon join a line that already includes Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry and Vanilla in 6-ounce cups and Plain and Vanilla in 24-ounce cups.

Sierra Nevada Grass-Fed Yogurts for webThe milk that’s used to make the Graziers Yogurts, like the milk that makes the company’s Graziers Cheeses, which are offered in Raw Medium Cheddar, Raw Monterey Jack, Raw Sharp Cheddar and Raw Jalapeno Jack, is sourced from northern California family dairy farms that have their cows – an average of about 100 cows per farm – on pasture for about 335 days a year. The farmers use intensive rotational grazing to keep the cattle moving from one small lot to another every day to ensure that the cows are always eating grasses with the highest nutritional quality to provide optimal nutritional value for the milk they produce. Cows fed on this kind of intensively managed pasture produce milk that’s much higher in conjugated linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid that’s thought to have positive health effects, than the milk from grain-fed cows. This kind of pasture management has also been shown to benefit the environment by reducing soil erosion and increasing carbon sequestration, the ability of the soil to capture and hold carbon so that it is not released as carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas.

The Graziers yogurts are made from whole milk that’s non-homogenized, so that a layer of cream forms on the top of every cup. The fruit is organic, in keeping with the company’s clean ingredients philosophy.

Get Crazy About Walnuts with Crazy Go Nuts

By Lorrie Baumann

Crazy Go Nuts offers a line of flavorful coated walnuts with front-of-package labeling them as “loaded with Omega 3s.” Walnuts in general have more Omega 3s per ounce than salmon, according to CMO Courtney Carini. They’re coated in all natural foods. “When you see ‘banana,’ that’s actually banana,” she says.

It’s ALA, and it’s the density of Omega 3s that counts. “Flaxseed has more, but nobody eats an ounce of flaxseed,” says David Wolfe, co-Founder and CEO. “Our main thing is clean labels and simple ingredients. More and more consumers are demanding that, and because walnuts are so healthy, we try not to weigh them down with nonsense.”

All Jars_shadow“We try not to ride solely on health benefits,” adds Carini. “Walnuts are so delicious, and we want people to enjoy them.”

There are currently nine flavors of the nuts: Banana, Orange, Coconut, Chocolate Espresso, Oatmeal Cookie, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, Rosemary Pink Salt and a plain salted flavor that’s slightly mis-labeled “Boring.”

Banana Walnuts_shadowNuts are packaged in three sizes: 1.5-ounce grab and go, 4.5-ounce and an 8-ounce resealable bag for the pantry. They retail for $6.99 for the 8-ounce bag, $4.49 for the 4.5-ounce bag and $1.99 for the 1.5-ounce bag.

All the same flavors are offered in jarred butters, except that there, the Rosemary Pink Salt becomes Sage and Rosemary. All of the butters are low sugar. “Our goal is always to have the cleanest ingredients and the simplest flavors,” says Wolfe. These are packaged in 9-ounce jars that retail for $6.99.

Both the butters and the packaged nuts will work as an accompaniment for a cheese platter, and most of the butters will work as a smoothie ingredient as well as a spread. They’re currently sold in specialty retailers around the country, with large retailer distribution starting this fall in California and then spreading from there.

The company has been in operation for four years, but expanded into a new production facility in central California late last year. “We’ve been learning and getting better ever since, but we’re still new,” Wolfe says. “We have significant capacity, but we haven’t been in business for 30 years, and we’re just hitting our stride…. There’s a lot of interest in the brand. It’s being described as ‘whimsical.’ It’s not a word that I would use, but it represents us pretty well.”

The company started as “a whim” in Los Angeles, with two people managing it out of an apartment, and has grown from there. “We started going to Walnut Board meetings,” Wolfe says, and “We met with several different companies that were interested in investing in us and helping us grow.” That investment helped them grow from their farmers market cottage industry into the new production facility that has enabled them to scale the business to the point at which they’re ready to venture onto the national market.

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