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See Smell Taste from Viola Imports


Available from Viola Imports, See Smell Taste is an extensive line of premium spices, salts, blends and ingredients for molecular gastronomy. See Smell Taste was conceived from the desire to provide only the most exclusive choice of ingredients and tools to those with a discriminating appetite for culinary excellence.
See Smell Taste offers the world’s highest quality herbs and spices achieved through research into how each spice seed should be planted, harvested and processed. Location of best soil and weather are taken into account when looking for the right grower, and only a few growers meet these high standards. Drying, grinding and sorting equipment are monitored to achieve the best results. A comprehensive categorization system based on the intrinsic characteristics of each spice categorizes the spices into seven groups: seeds and pods, flowers, leaves and berries, roots and barks, chilies, peppers, salts and finally blends.
Expand your palette with the revered spices from Viola Imports. Some of the company’s popular products include Black Pepper Malabar, Pangasinan Sea Salts, Tahitian Grand Cru Vanilla Beans, Piment d’Espelette, Pimenton de la Vera Dulce and Iranian Saffron. Favored blends made on site and to order include Golden Vadouvan and Harissa Mix, Garam Masala, Shichimi Togarashi, Madras Curry, Ras el Hanout and more.
Viola Imports’ spices are available in 32-ounce jars and one-gallon containers for foodservice and in mini containers for retail. For more information, contact Viola Imports at 847.690.0790, or visit the company online at

Spice Things Up with Robert Rothschild Farm’s Gourmet Rubs


Seasonings and spices are one of the simplest ways to boost the flavor of an appetizer or meal, and Robert Rothschild Farm excellently blends spices in its two specialty rubs.
The Chop House Steak & Beef Rub is a savory blend of sea salt, onions, garlic and lots of spices. Steak drizzled with olive oil and spread with a coating of Chop House Steak & Beef Rub is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at a barbecue. This rub also makes exquisite meatballs and adds instant flavor to green beans and tomatoes. The possibilities are virtually endless!
Another delicious rub featuring beautifully blended spices is the Limon Pepper Meat, Fish & Poultry Rub. This rub perfectly pairs tart lemon with zesty black pepper, providing a kick of flavor. Not only is this spice blend delectable on meat, fish and poultry, but it is equally delicious on grilled zucchini and other vegetables.
Add zesty flavor to any dish with Robert Rothschild Farm’s gourmet rubs. For more information about Robert Rothschild Farm products or for additional recipe ideas, call 800.356.8933, e-mail, or visit the company’s website at You can also find Robert Rothschild Farm on Facebook and Pinterest.

Naked Sea Salt


Naked Sea Salt’s mission is to introduce the world to gourmet salt from the Dead Sea that is an all-natural, low-sodium and mineral-rich alternative to artificially refined salt. Founded by environmental activist Ari Leon Fruchter, the company encourages regional cooperation by working with a Palestinian company that specializes in harvesting salt from the Dead Sea’s healing waters by using traditional chemical-free methods that preserve the water’s unique mineral content.
Each of Naked Sea Salt’s 15 flavors has been blended with organic herbs and spices to create a salt of bold, creative taste and unparalleled nutrition. “Each blend is a modern twist on an ancient classic,” Fruchter said. “Salt and spice in one—as easy as twist and serve.”
With its dedication to environmental and economic concerns, part of the company’s mission is to serve as a model of sustainable, ethical practice for private manufacturing companies in the region. For more information, visit or email

eSutras Organic Spice Blends and Rubs


eSutras Organics spice blends and rubs are inspired by flavors from around the world. Varieties including Garam Masala, Herb and Spice Rub, French Four Spice and Pumpkin Pie Spice are all manufactured in an organic facility in Chicago.
Artisan-made in small batches to retain their unique quality and ethnicity, each blend is based on a familiar classic, made with a twist to create new flavor combinations. All of eSutras’ spice blends are the company’s own formulations—some derived from traditional family recipes—guaranteeing individuality on your store shelves. Distinctive and USDA organic, you can be sure your customers have not experienced these spice blends anywhere else. eSutras also carries numerous organic single spices as well.
Available to purchase in small case sizes and beautifully packaged, it is simple to place an order with eSutras Organics. To place an order, go to, or call 773.583.4850. Order today!

MarDona Balsamic Glazes


Gourmands will love finishing off their desserts with the exquisite balsamic glazes from MarDona. These sweet and tangy glazes are the perfect accompaniment to a gourmet dessert or end-of-meal cheese plate. MarDona offers eight different varieties of balsamic glazes, including original balsamic, white balsamic, peach, red apple, raspberry, fig, cherry and black truffle. Also offered by MarDona is a truly unique White Truffle Honey, made with Tupelo honey, pieces of Italian white truffles and Italian white truffle flavoring. Pair White Truffle Honey with fruit and cheese for a terrific sweet bite at the end of any great meal.

Wild Forest Products, LLC

Visionary Vinegars from Bakto Flavors


Bakto Flavors recently introduced Visionary Vinegars, six delicious balsamic vinegars blended with perfectly matched natural flavors. Choose from blood orange, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, chocolate and peach, with more flavor variations on the way. All Bakto Flavors’ vinegars are all-natural, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free and contain no added color or sugar.

Visionary Vinegars are made from the best available kosher balsamic vinegar around. Historically made in Italy from white grapes, Bakto takes an old tradition and puts a new spin on it by introducing a variety of excellent flavors. Finally, your salad dressing is healthy, low in calories and tastier than ever.
Visionary Vinegars from Bakto Flavors are available in 375-milliliter attractive glass bottles for retailers and in 1-gallon bottles for foodservice. The vinegars are sold in boxes of 12 with the option of custom flavor choices. A bottle of Visionary Vinegar is great as a gift on its own, or present someone with a set of all six. Perfect as a dip, marinade, dressing or sauce, this is sure to be a new essential in your kitchen.
Learn more about Bakto Flavors at Retailers may contact the company for free samples at, or call 732.354.4492.

Romarsi Pesto Sauces

1-RomarsiFILL-PSSRomarsi LLC is the proud manufacturer of all natural pesto sauces, including a traditional Basil Pesto as well as a Kalamata Olive or Tapenade Pesto. Unlike most pesto products on the supermarket shelf, Romarsi Pestos come frozen. Most pestos are refrigerated or jarred. In order to give these products an extended shelf life, these pestos often include some type of preservative. Romarsi, however, extends the life of its pesto sauces naturally, through freezing. When the customer defrosts Romarsi products, they get them at their premium freshness—just like they made it themselves that very day.

Romarsi’s customers often comment that the company’s sauces taste remarkably fresh, very summer-like and very homemade. In fact, a growing number of people are saying that these are the very best pestos on the market today!

For more information on Romarsi Pesto Sauces, call 973.773.6040, or visit the company online at

Lizbeth Lane Cuisine Gourmet Pizza Sauces

LizbethLane-PSSSummer is here, and the parties are moving outdoors! Celebrate this summer by offering your customers the line of three, all natural and gluten free gourmet pizza sauces from Lizbeth Lane. There is nothing out there on the market like them. The unique flavors include Tomatillo Cilantro, Roasted Vegetable and Tomato, Pepper & Basil.

Their taste is superb. Their texture says homemade.

And the 15-oz. jar will allow your customers to make up to four 12-in. pizzas that are sure to be the hit of any get together. Lizbeth Lane Cuisine is opening up a whole new world of pizza making possibilities.

For more information, visit, call 215.480.2710, or email

MarDona Black Truffle Marinara Sauce

WildForest-PSSThe new Black Truffle Marinara Sauce from MarDona is here. MarDona uses only pure, natural ingredients in the making of the gourmet sauce. MarDona uses the best crushed tomatoes, fresh spices, pure truffle infused olive oil and the finest black truffles. Then, that sauce is slow cooked over a low heat for hours to give the sauce its well-balanced thickness and great taste. Mardona also keeps the sodium and calorie levels as low as possible, and it is, of course, gluten free!

MarDona prides itself on having the finest in gourmet products, while providing them at affordable prices. And the team at MarDona is certain that your next dinner party will be a hit when you add the new MarDona Black Truffle Marinara sauce to the menu.

For more information, visit or

Po Valley Foods’ Carlo Moro Pastificio di Chiavenna

PoValleyFoods-PSSSince 1868, Pastificio di Chiavenna has produced indigenous “grano Saraceno” buckwheat flour in the Chiavenna and Valtellina Valleys for use in pasta and polenta products. Low temperature drying of the pasta for long periods (5 to 24 hours) maintains the buckwheat’s original nutritional values. Buckwheat is rich in iron, vitamins B and E and magnesium. It is high in fiber and amino acids and has protein values similar to that of meat and soy. Moro’s pasta, made from buckwheat, has less carbohydrates and more fiber than regular pasta.

It was Carlo Moro who gave life to the pasta factory on the river Mera, where the waters powered the grinding machines. Today, the original location is an industrial museum, and their new, state-of-the-art factory, using 100 percent green energy, resides at the main gates of Chiavenna, 10 km. from Switzerland, on the road towards St. Moritz.

Pastificio di Chiavenna Pizzocheri is sold in 1.1-lb. bags at a SRP of $3.95. Fidelin (thin spaghetti) is sold in 1.1-lb bags at an SRP of $3.95. And Gluten-Free Polenta for Taragna (corn and buckwheat flour polenta) is sold in 1.1-lb. bags at an SRP of $4.75.

For more information, contact Carmen Bazzini by email at or by phone at 516.801.4688, or visit

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