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Looking, to Spice Things Up? Vanns Has It All

When it comes to fragrant, flavorful and consistently performing spices, spice blends, flavors and extracts, you will find everything you need from Vanns Spices. Professional chefs and home cooks alike rely upon Vanns for an encyclopedic selection of flavorful ingredients that add unmistakable appeal to their recipes, culinary creations and packaged products.

While Vanns enjoys an enduring reputation for consistency, integrity and quality, it is also recognized for its incredible depth and variety of spice and flavor options. While pantry standards such kosher salt, black Tellicherry peppercorns, onion and garlic are available, Vanns offers dozens of salt varieties and peppercorns, as well as numerous configurations of both garlic and onion to choose from.

If that is not enough, you will also find a dizzying assortment of exotic spices and spice blends from Vanns. Some of the more intriguing include Ultimate French Fry Seasoning, Urfa Chili Pepper, Zahtar, African Bird Pepper, Trim Tabb’s Pig Powder and Espresso Rub. Vanns also works with supermarkets and specialty food retailers, helping them develop proprietary spice assortments and house-branded private label offerings. In these situations, brand owners have the opportunity to enhance brand image and offer spices that rival national brands in terms of flavor, performance and overall quality, delivering ultimate value.

“It’s all about value and performance,” says Mick Whitlock, President of Vanns Spices. “With your own spice brand, the equity and trust that has been established with customers in other parts of the store can be reinforced on the spice shelf.”

Packaging also plays an enormous role in the success of Vanns’ private label solutions. From glass and plastic to folding cartons and self-contained grinders, the number and variety of appealing packaging considerations is significant.

For additional information, buyers are invited to visit Vanns Spices at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Booth 646. Alternatively, contact Vanns by email at or by phone at 800.583.1693.

Wind & Willow Cider Mixes

Be ready for the changing seasons with Wind & Willow Cider Mixes. With three flavors to choose from, each mix will make you feel like it is Christmas morning.

Wind & Willow’s Original Mulled Cider Mix will take you back to your childhood. Sugar, cinnamon, cloves and other natural flavors make this the perfect treat to share as you snuggle in front of the fireplace. Caramel Apple Cider Mix combines two fall favorites: caramel apples and cider. Try topping it with whipped cream and caramel to create a new favorite autumn tradition. Finally, English Wassail Cider Mix is a balanced blend of cinnamon and spices with a hint of orange, the perfect component of a Christmas gift basket.

Making these mixes even more versatile, each box has an alternate recipe printed on the back. Try delicious Orange Spice Cookies, Incredible Apple Cake or a Caramel Apple Smoothie. The simplicity of the recipes and the decadent results produced make Wind & Willow mixes a must for any kitchen pantry.

For more information on these and other products from Wind & Willow, contact 888.427.3235, or visit

Viola Imports: Authentic Foods, Uncompromised Quality

Located in the Puglia region of Italy, and dating back to the year 1600, De Carlo is one oldest and most established producers of premium extra virgin olive oil. The De Carlo family has received many prestigious awards—dating back as far back as 1900. Most recently, the company was awarded “The Best Oil in the World” by Flos Olei 2013. Viola Imports is proud to bring a fantastic selection of some of the finest products from the De Carlo family to the U.S. market.

In addition to their extra virgin olive oil, the De Carlo family produces an exquisite line of preserved vegetables using only fresh raw ingredients and their extra virgin olive oil. The entire line of preserved vegetables is prepared on site, and all within a maximum of 24 hours of harvesting in order to maintain the freshness and flavor of each product.

Among the selection of preserved vegetables are grilled artichokes, a typical variety from Puglia called “Violetto di Brindisi,” a name that is derived from the purple leaves. These artichokes are perfect for tasty pizzas, sandwiches, appetizer plates or as an accompaniment to meat or fish. De Carlo also offers some of the world’s most sought after Sun Kissed Pomodorini tomatoes. These preserved tomatoes have been ranked among the best for use in the world’s top cuisines. De Carlo premium extra virgin olive oil is used to preserve the best semi-dried vine cherry tomatoes. These Sun Kissed Pomodorini tomatoes inspire creativity and can be used in a number of ways—on pizzas, focaccias, salads, appetizers, pasta dishes, risottos or simply served alongside fresh cheese, like mozzarella or burrata.

In addition, De Carlo offers flavorful spreads. A black olive spread made exclusively with olives from the De Carlo olive groves offers a distinctive aroma and strong flavor. De Carlo also offers a spread made with cherry tomatoes, called Red Passion. It is made from an exclusive family recipe, and is extremely tasty, with a unique flavor. Both of these spreads make a great bruschetta!

For more information or to order, please contact Viola Imports by calling 847.690.0790 or visiting

Unique Uncle Bunk’s Condiments Are Sure To Delight

Do you want to entice both new and returning customers with a great product line? Try Uncle Bunk’s award-winning condiments. Crafted in small batches using locally grown produce and old-fashioned Appalachian recipes, these products are handmade in West Virginia by Uncle Bunk himself. Once customers sample Uncle Bunk’s, they will clamor for more “Condiments with a Kick.”

Uncle Bunk’s Mustard Relish, available in medium and hot, is a sweet and spicy mustard, better known in West Virginia as Hot Pepper Butter. This product was a 2011 sofi Silver Finalist for Outstanding Condiment, which tops off an impressive list of wins that include Scovie Awards, Fiery Food Challenge awards and a Bronze at the World Wide Mustard Festival.

Made with six different kinds of hot peppers, Uncle Bunk’s Rustic Pepper Sauce, available in medium and hot, is a unique cross between a salsa and a spicy ketchup. It also has claimed both Scovie and Fiery Food Challenge awards.

Uncle Bunk’s 14 Day Sweet Pickles, the crispiest pickle you will ever eat, are made across 14 days using a 100-year-old family recipe. Country Living Magazine called them the best regional pickle in 2010. If you like things hot, the company’s 14 Day Hot Sweet Pickles, a fiery version of the classic Sweet Pickles will heat you up. They are a 2013 Fiery Food Challenge winner and First Place Scovie Award winner.

For more information, visit, call 304.652.1920, or email

Sensational Sweets Introduces Mini Pizzas

The buzz at the Sensational Sweets booth at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show was all about the company’s new Mini Pizzas and the new flavors for Sensational Sweets’ Chippers the Bark With a Bite®. Not only do the Mini Pizzas fill the consumer request for a more “individual” serving size, they will also will push sales for the Sensational Sweets’ larger dessert Pizzas. Hand-crafted, layer upon layer, these sweet Mini Pizzas are awesomely unique and tasty. Packaged in a smaller, matching pizza box, the Pizzas and Mini Pizzas display very well together.

The new Bark flavors introduced at the show include pomegranate, chai latte and pumpkin. The response to the flavors was great, with attendees proclaiming that they are truly delicious. Sales have been very strong, as the flavors and colors work well for everyone’s fall and holiday displays.

According to the team at Sensational Sweets, this was the strongest Fancy Food Show at which the company has exhibited in years. There was an unprecedented degree of interest in the company’s offerings and a terrific number of orders written.

Contact Sensational Sweets/Creative Cookie etc., at 570.524.4361, or check out the company’s website at Let Sensational Sweets sweeten your day!

Lizbeth Lane Offers More than Simmer and Pizza Sauces

Retailers and their consumers alike know and love Lizbeth Lane Cuisine’s line of gourmet, all-natural and gluten-free simmer sauces, as well as the company’s new line of unique pizza sauces. However, many retailers may not know that these sauces are being used in some pretty creative and unorthodox ways!

Lizbeth Lane does many in-store demos of its sauces, and demonstrators often hear from consumers that they are using the company’s simmer sauces in ways they had not considered. One customer recently told a demo person that she used Lizbeth Lane’s Piccata Sauce over grilled salmon. Another customer told the story of making a cold gazpacho with the company’s Mediterranean Tomato Sauce. Another said that she used Lizbeth Lane’s Marsala Sauce as a key ingredient in a delicious chicken pot pie. Who knew!

The team at Lizbeth Lane advises gourmet retailers that when offering the company’s simmer and pizza sauces on their shelves, it is important to let store employees know about the fabulous sauces and how they are typically used and enjoyed. However, it also helps sales to mention unique uses as well. Nothing bumps sales like getting the wheels turning in a customer’s head as they imagine making a stellar meal.

Lizbeth Lane’s line of simmer sauces includes Lemon Piccata, Marsala Tarragon, Mediterranean Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper & Basil Cream. The sauces allow your customer to make a gourmet quality entrée in about 15 minutes. Lizbeth Lane’s pizza sauces come in three unique and delicious flavors, including Tomatillo Cilantro, Roasted Vegetable and Tomato, Pepper & Basil. Imagine what you could do with them!

Visit the Lizbeth Lane website to learn more about some of the great recipe ideas for the company’s products. You will see that Lizbeth Lane had more to offer than just simmer sauces over meat or pizza sauce on a crust.

For more information, contact Lizbeth Lane Cuisine by email at, by phone at 215.480.2710, or visit the company online at


Stonewall Kitchen Tastes Success at Summer Fancy Food Show

Fresh off a very successful reception at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show, it is safe to say that Stonewall Kitchen left a good taste in everyone’s mouth this year. One reason for this is the addition of figs to several product offerings. The new White Fig Spread has a uniquely sweet, rich flavor that will go great with a cheese board or simply spread on a croissant or scone. The new White Chocolate Fig sauce is equally impressive and sure to capture fans of white chocolate everywhere. In addition, the new Balsamic Fig Vinegar offers exciting potential for use in marinades, dressings or as a creative ingredient in recipes.

Stonewall Kitchen’s new Rosemary, Chipotle and Lemon Pepper flavored oils are wonderfully aromatic and rich in flavor as is the California Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Just in time for fall holidays, there is also a new Stuffing Spice Mix. This soon to be family favorite is loaded with herbs, spices and hints of savory mushroom and onion.

For dessert, the new Espresso Dulce De Leche and Maple Dulce De Leche dessert toppings are decadent and nothing short of amazing. There is also a new Ginger Molasses Cookie Mix that lives up to the claim of having the perfect balance of sweet molasses and spicy ginger. With its crispy exterior and soft, chewy center, it is everything a cookie can be.

Also in time for the holidays, Stonewall Kitchen is rolling out six new holiday confections. Each is handcrafted, premium quality and delicious. To help make them even more appealing, new branded packaging with a French vintage feel was developed. It is sure to gain a customer’s attention.

Finally, for around the home, the new Pumpkin Harvest Fine Homekeeping scent is a delightful combination of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger and pumpkin.

For more information, contact Stonewall Kitchen at 888.326.5678, or visit

Wolfgang’s Bavarian Pretzels Offers Authentic Treats from Munich

Add a continental touch to a store shelf or food display with original German desserts from Wolfgang’s Bavarian Pretzels. These sweets are made from traditional recipes, using ingredients simply unavailable elsewhere, including pure, chemical-free Munich water and tart cold-weather Bavarian apples.

Wolfgang’s Apple Strudel is not a single burrito-like roll, like some other commercially available strudels. It is layers of pastry dough, painstakingly rolled out in paper-thin sheets and layered with rich apple filling. The pastry is also available in apricot. Wolfgang’s Apple Rings are coated in a feather-light egg white batter. It is delicious eaten by itself as a snack but can also be used as an eye-catching component in original desserts.

Of course, Wolfgang’s does not stop at dessert. Original German Potato Pancakes are a company specialty. Enjoy them as a side dish with jam or applesauce, or serve them with shrimp for a lovely main course. A memorable European-themed gift basket might include these Original German Potato Pancakes along with a jar of apple preserves.

To order online or find out more about the specialties offered by Wolfgang’s Bavarian Pretzels, visit or call 209.295.4664. Taste the difference that only Munich-baked can make!

Rabbit Creek Prepping for the Holidays

Now that the craziness of the Summer Fancy Food show has subsided, it is time to get geared up for the holiday season, which will be here in the blink of an eye.

Launched at Summer Fancy Food, Rabbit Creek’s new Wild Bird Seed Crunch is a fantastic, ready-to-eat snack that is perfect for curling up in front of a movie on a snowy December day. Chock full of pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds caught up in a light and airy toffee-like crunch, Wild Bird Seed Crunch gives that needed boost of energy that you do not have to feel guilty about.

Just in time for the inevitable holiday sweet tooth that is sure to rear its head, Rabbit Creek’s Chocolate fruit dip is simply fantastic. Seriously, say it once more—chocolate fruit dip. Enough said.

Rabbit Creek offers mix and match ordering, allowing customers to mix flavors to get a full case, as opposed to having to order a full case of each individual flavor. The company also has free private labeling available for all their products.

Contact Rabbit Creek by phone at 913.837.2757 or by email at Also, visit the company online at

Festive Holiday Gifts from Java Frost

Seeking out the happiest holiday gift? Look no further than Java Frost’s seasonal gift canisters filled with gourmet holiday drink mixes. There are three delicious flavors to choose from. Try one, or try them all!

Usher in the fall season with a perennial favorite: Pumpkin Cheesecake. Made with real pumpkin and aromatic spices, this ultimate indulgence is sure to please. Your customer will enjoy this rich and creamy cup. Next, capture the nostalgia of the holiday season with Candy Cane Crème. Experience the delight of your first candy cane in a cup. Candy Cane Crème delivers real mouth-watering candy cane bits with every sip. Finally, spice up your Christmas sales with Red Hot Cinnamon. Real Cinnamon Imperials make this wonderful cinnamon smoothie more fun than Santa’s reindeer prancing on the roof.
Each flavor is packaged in a case of eight enchanting 8-ounce gift canisters. These flavors are designed to delight. Java Frost canisters are the perfect addition to corporate or holiday gift baskets. All Java Frost products are carefully crafted with quality and value in mind.
Call Java Frost today for sales, samples and product information at 800.676.3661, or visit the company online at

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