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Cheese Lovers Seeking Out Authentic Le Gruyère AOP

When you want the “real” Gruyère AOP, there are a few things you can look for to guarantee that you have found the one cheese that can deliver the signature taste and consistency you expect from Gruyère AOP. In order to find this authentic cheese, you need to know where to look, and what it means.

meule_fleche2_petitDuring production, each wheel of Gruyère AOP is systematically marked with the number of the mold and code of the cheese dairy that is producing it. The day and month of production are also noted. These black markings are made with casein, the milk protein (even here, there are no additives involved). From this point on, the name “Gruyère AOP,” and the code of the production facility appear on the heel of each wheel. This is an effective way of preventing fakes and guaranteeing authenticity. However, you can take it a step further. Using the cheese dairy’s unique code, you can go to and enter the cheese dairy number to see who produced the cheese you are eating!
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