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Chimay Introduces Chimay Grande Reserve Barrel Aged Rhum Edition

For the first time, Chimay has utilized its original Christmas brew, Chimay Grande Réserve, with triple fermentation and maturation in wooden barrels to create their latest addition to the Chimay Trappist family — Chimay Grande Réserve Barrel Aged Rhum Edition. The flavor profile of this brew not only embodies its original characteristics of Grande Réserve with a fresh yeast fragrance, slight notes of caramel and vanilla, but also builds the profile to include an incomparable rounded, oak flavor.

The unique triple fermentation process starts during the brewing process, then in the wood cask, and lastly in the bottle. For this specific batch, rhum-aged barrels were used to create the third round of Chimay Grande Réserve Barrel Aged Rhum Edition. This edition from February 2017 boasts an excellent blend of characters of Chimay Grande Réserve and Rum. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, this Belgian strong ale is an exceptional ale with 10.5 percent alcohol by volume.

Chimay Grande Réserve Barrel Aged is available in the 75 cl (25.4 fl. oz.) bottle format only and is ideally served at cellar temperature (50 to 54°F). It is currently available in the United States (depending on geographic location), and is a rotating item which means it will not be available year-round.

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