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Cholent—Kosher Meals Made Easy

Cholent is another creative series of salt-free dinner kits from Purely American Foods. What exactly is Cholent? It is a traditional Jewish meal that, for generations, has been prepared on Friday before the Sabbath begins. Slow cooked all night, this savory stew is the main course at Saturday’s noonday meal.

Now, busy, health-conscious consumers of all faiths can enjoy these time saving, salt-free meals any day of the week. Gluten-free, all-natural, kosher, and free of salt and MSG, the Cholent kits from Purely American are a delicious and good-for-you heat and serve option for your retail customers.
The Cholent kits are just one among many delicious and healthy meal solutions offered from Purely American. The company’s healthy dinner kits are all salt and gluten-free, kosher certified and all-natural with no MSG and high fiber.
Check out the company online at, or contact Ray Leard at 740.592.3800 for information and orders.

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