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Coach Farm Adds Blackberry Flavor to Drinkable Yogurt Line

Coach Farm adds Blackberry to its rapidly growing product line of drinkable yogurt, Yo‐Goat®. With the explosion of the yogurt industry in recent years, Coach Farm remains one of the few producers to nationally produce goat milk yogurt and drinkable yogurt, both great alternatives to cow’s milk products.

Yo‐Goat is made on the farm using only Coach Farm’s fresh Grade A pasteurized goats milk and active yogurt cultures. Without additives or preservatives of any kind, Yo‐Goat is an easily digestible, healthy breakfast or snack option for both children and adults.

The new Blackberry flavor joins the current line‐up of Plain, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Mango‐Peach for an SRP of $1.99. Blackberry is set to hit shelves November of 2013.


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