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Coe’s Noodles: A Trip Back to Your Grandmother’s Kitchen

In the summer of 1983, Judy Coe and her daughter were walking through a farmers market in Richmond, Ind. where people where selling pies, cakes and other foods. This prompted Judy to say to her daughter, “Do you suppose people would buy our noodles?”

The next week they made 52 pounds of noodles to offer for sale out of the back of their station wagon. Forty-three pounds sold. Soon Coe and her daughter were giving out recipes and selling 100 pounds a week. It was at this time that they knew there was a need for their product at local stores. Customers kept saying that the noodles were like the noodles their grandmother made.

Coe’s Noodles come in wide and thin. They are packaged in a combination six-pack: three wide and three thin; six-pack of wide noodles, six-pack of thin noodles or in cases of 16 one-pound packs wide or thin or half wide and half thin. The wide noodles are uncooked and become twice the size when cooked; the thin noodles are cut half as thick and are excellent for soups and casseroles. Noodle recipes are available online at Coe’s noodles are being used by leading chefs, caterers and gourmets across America.

Coe’s Noodles are available at leading grocery retailers and food services, gourmet and specialty retailers, gift and gift basket retailers, food catalogs or online at Email: 765-277-9779.

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