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Discover New Mustard Flavors on the New Maille Website Boutique

Discover New Mustard Flavours on the New Maille Website BoutiqueWith Maille’s new online boutique, lovers of fine foods will discover a world of mustard delights they never knew existed. Maille’s new range of flavors opens up the imagination, beginning with classic combinations such as white wine and blue cheese and branching out into extraordinary new tastes, using fruits, flowers and spirits. You will find a flavor for every type of cook and every type of cooking.

For a citrus burst, try Candied Orange Peel and Ginger. There is Pesto and Rocket for a nutty, peppery kick. For those who are more inclined towards the sweeter things in life, the Mustard with White Wine, Mirabelle Plums and Plum Brandy is impossible to resist.

The Maille gift boxes make a special and unique present for anyone, from a close family member or friend to a colleague at work. Even that unfamiliar Secret Santa is sure to be delighted by these stunning packages.


The Traditional Collection comes in either the classic packaging or in a beautiful wooden box, which would give even the shabbiest kitchen a classy, rustic look. Products in the Traditional line include everything from Parmesan Cheese with Basil to vibrant Cassis de Dijon, with blackcurrant liqueur and a matching red wine vinegar. The Woodland Collection too is available for purchase in an intriguing wooden box and is packed full of woody and nutty flavours, from Walnut Oil to Mustard with Chablis White Wine and Morel Mushrooms. Or why not experience a burst of the Mediterranean? Sun-dried tomatoes, chilli and figs radiate from the Sunshine Collection, an assortment of five mustards that is sure to bring warmth to any kitchen.

If you are of the opinion that a meal just is not complete without some form of alcohol, there are several Maille mustards that should be right up your street. The collection of wine and spirit enhanced mustards will add an intense and sophisticated taste to whatever you choose to apply your chosen mustard to, be it cordon bleu cooking or a slice of bread. As well as jars featuring alcohol from Chablis to Cognac, mustards straight from the pump combine with a range of white wines to produce a strong, refined flavour. From the simple Mustard with White Wine to the sinful Mustard with Chablis White Wine and Black Truffles, there is fresh mustard for every pocket, each served up in gorgeous traditional stoneware jars. Your meals will never be the same again, with these sumptuous mustards enhancing every bite.

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