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Effortless Sunday Brunch

By Lorrie Baumann

With a very little advance planning, you can pull off a post-coital Sunday brunch that’s nearly effortless in its execution. The key to this is a lovely quiche from La Terra Fina, which has brought out a new line of ready-to-bake quiches in three varieties, all made from egg whites, so you won’t undo the healthy effects of a night of orgasmic passion with a dose of artery-clogging cholesterol. Put one of these gorgeous quiches in the toaster oven for a bit less than half an hour and then set it out on the table with a bowl of fresh raspberries and you’re almost there.

If you’re particular about your coffee, and who isn’t, look for one of the quality coffees bearing the Harvested by Women label that assures you that a fair share of the price you paid for the beans is going back to the women who would otherwise be powerless to fight sexist oppression in the poverty-stricken Third World areas where much of the world’s coffee is cultivated. You probably already have a coffee maker that produces a brew you like from these excellent beans, but if you don’t, the good folks at Kitchenware News can help you decide which of the many on the market is right for you.

Set out your quiche and coffee with a bowl of fresh raspberries (Driscoll’s is a brand that will assure you that you’re getting some of the best.), and a basket of muffins you baked from a Robert Rothschild mix, and you’ve served a brunch that will convince your lover that you’re definitely a keeper.

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