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eSutras Organics: Exquisite Products in Small Batches

eSutras Organics is a Chicago-based wholesale supplier of organic culinary herbs, spices and oils, as well as a manufacturer of specialty health foods and herbal medicinal teas. At their Chicago-based USDA certified organic and FDA inspected facility, eSutras Organics manufactures a carefully nurtured line of exquisite products in small batches. The company’s offerings are unique, not like most commercial food companies’ products seen in chain grocery store aisles.

eSutras Organics manufactures gourmet healthy sweeteners, including enriched agaves, jaggery and raw whole cane juice powder, as well as delicious herbal medicinal teas and Cocoa Cravings hot chocolate beverages. Exciting new ethnic flavors abound in the company’s spices and spice blends. eSutras Organics’ spices are fair trade, family farmed and minimally processed.
eSutras Organics products are perfect for any shop whose customers demand great quality and value for their money. The company offers special discounts for bulk food ingredients, including nuts, seeds, flours, sugar, herbs, spices and repacks.
Bring these products to the forefront of your display and your customers will notice. In eSutras’ supplier duties it works with TC Bauer Co., which offers a free sampling with orders policy, which provides an easy way to create continued sales and provides tasty dialogue with your customers. eSutras Organics seeks to create an experience your customers will relish. Stylish new packaging, generous portion sizes and small minimum orders ensure eSutras Organics products will be a good fit for your marketplace.
For more information, call eSutras Organics at 773.583.4850. Also, visit eSutras Organics’ business-to-business website, ES Wholesale, at, where all registered retailers have easy access to order the company’s products.

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