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Fire & Flavor Liquid Brines

Based in Athens, Ga., Fire and Flavor is a leading marketer and producer of innovative products and concepts for preparing fresh, flavorful food. Founded by husband-and-wife team Davis and Gena Knox, Fire and Flavor offers unique and easy-to-use products for at-home cooking.

Fire & Flavor is putting a gourmet spin on gluten-free with a new line of liquid brines that make standing over a hot stove a thing of the past. Three new flavors of brine concentrates are available to add flavor and juiciness to meats and seafood in a short period of time. Fire & Flavor’s brines consist of salts, sugars, spices and herbs that create mouthwatering combinations without any harmful preservatives. Each of the chicken, beef and pork brines can be used on multiple proteins for deliciously tender results.

Cooking with these brines is effortless. Simply add water and allow the meat to brine for the listed amount of time. Whether roasting, smoking or grilling, enjoy healthy and convenient meals at home with Fire & Flavor’s all-natural, gluten-free liquid brines. In addition, Fire & Flavor’s liquid brines are a great complement to the John Wayne grilling sets the company introduced earlier this year.

Fire & Flavor products are currently available throughout the United States and beyond. The company’s products are always all-natural. For more information, visit the company online at

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