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Fireside Coffee Launches 1554 Whole Bean Coffee

We all sing along to that popular Prince song about celebrating 1999, but a Michigan company has a different year to celebrate. Inspired by the legend of one of the world’s first coffee shops, which opened in the year 1554, Fireside Coffee Company has launched its new 1554 Whole Bean Coffee.

“When we decided to introduce a line of whole bean coffee, we set out to come up with the best, smoothest cup of coffee out there. Searching for inspiration, we stumbled upon the story of the world’s first coffee house in Constantinople and we knew that was it. Our coffees are artisan roasted to honor the history of this wonderful beverage,” said Angie Root of Fireside Coffee Co.

Fireside has long been known for their line of gourmet instant coffee blends, like Caramel Mochaccino and Pumpkin Pie Mocha. “Our customers are the best,” stated Carol Davis, President of Fireside Coffee Co. “And when they talk, we listen. We found that our customers were looking for a truly exceptional cup of brewed coffee, in addition to our instant blends. That’s what really kick-started our new line.”

Fireside’s 1554 Coffees are roasted in small batches, so that their customers always receive incredibly fresh roasted beans. According to the National Coffee Association, fresh roasted coffee is essential to a superb cup of coffee. The NCA recommends purchasing your coffee fresh every one to two weeks. Because of the artisan roasting process, the flavor of each 1554 roast is smooth and full-bodied.

Fireside has introduced a light Brazilian roast, medium Guatemalan roast, dark Sumatra roast, and a seasonal limited-time-only flavored roast, Bourbon Bluster. “Even though it’s new, the Bourbon Bluster is proving itself as a favorite of our customers. We’ll be roasting this flavor through the winter months only. Its blend of bourbon, almond and cream flavors is the perfect ‘comfort-flavor’ during cold weather. It’s really wonderful,” said Angie Root.

Fireside’s 1554 Whole Bean Coffee can be purchased at the company store at 3239 Elms Road in Swartz Creek, Mich., at the new Fireside Café inside the Country Sampler Store in Saginaw, Mich., online at, or from many independent retailers across the United States, which can be found on Fireside’s online store locator.

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