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First European USDA-certified Organic Cheese Now Available in U.S.

Kingdom Cheddar, the first and only European cheese to be certified organic by the USDA, may be the newest entry into the U.S. cheese market, but every bite carries the unique authentic cheddar taste that comes from more than 800 years of English artisan craftsmanship. The milk in Kingdom Cheddar comes from a small group of organic family farmers in South-West England, where cheddar cheesemaking first began in the 12th century.

“We use old-world artisan techniques, conducted under today’s exacting organic standards, which makes for an exceptional product,” said Nicola Turner, Export and Marketing Director at the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo,) the largest organic dairy farmers’ co-operative in the UK. OMSCo manages the production of Kingdom Cheddar.

In taste panels conducted in May 2013, consumers described Kingdom Cheddar, an extra-sharp mature cheese, as “clean and creamy, with a taste that carries notes of fresh grass.”

“The moist, temperate climate in South-West England produces pastures of lush grass,” said Turner. “Those grasses impart a unique flavor to the milk, and therefore the cheese. We then carefully age the cheddar in the climate-controlled chambers or caves, a time-honored tradition of cheese makers in this area. This brings out the unique, yet historical character of the cheese.”

“Its premium quality makes it the ideal choice for entertaining, or makes everyday eating—and cooking—a little extra-special,” she added.

The cooperative of family dairy farmers who produce Kingdom Cheddar have partnered with Wisconsin-based Organic Valley cooperative to distribute it in the U.S.  Kingdom Cheddar is now available in many Whole Foods Markets and other natural grocers.

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