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Fresh Fruit Vinegars From Mangé Brings Fresh Fruit Taste To Your Fingertips

MangéMangé brings the fresh taste of fruit to your fingertips with its full line of shelf stable, fresh fruit vinegars. Unlike infused or fruit syrup-based vinegars, Mangé’s are made using fruit that has been picked at its peak, puréed and preserved in vinegar. Light enough to drink from a spoon, yet strong enough to marinate a ceviche, each of Mangé’s 11 fresh fruit vinegars are ready for cooking or cocktails. Select one or more from a variety of current flavors ranging from Mango, Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Raspberry, Blackberry, Cherry, Red Pepper, White Peach, Pear, Green Apple, and seasonal Fig.

Detailed recipes, ideas and gift packaging can be found on the company’s website or follow Mangé on your favorite social media site @MangeCuisine.
For more information on purchasing Mangé fresh fruit vinegars, call 917.880.2104 or visit

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