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A Gift of Vanilla

SONY DSCs.a.l.t. sisters is offering a Vanilla Bean Infusion Kit that would make a great gourmet gift idea. The kit includes a 16-ounce bottle filled with top grade Madagascar vanilla beans, from which an aromatic vanilla extract can be made simply by adding premium vodka, bourbon or rum and allowing time for the infusion of flavor. There is plenty to love about the essence that vanilla adds to baked goods.

Charmane Skillen, the Founder of s.a.l.t. sisters and a champion of unprocessed and unrefined products, has developed several lines of exceptional salts and spice flavors that enhance and celebrate food. These lines include the highest quality sea salts (s.a.l.t.), vanilla infusion kits and vanilla beans (b.e.a.n), natural herb blends (h.e.r.b), seasoning rubs (r.u.b.s) and gift packages designed for the giving (g.i.f.t.).

Suggested retail price: $30.25.

s.a.l.t. sisters



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