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Hammond’s Brings Fresh Flavors to Gourmet Chocolates

Hammond’s Candies is expanding its line of award-winning gourmet chocolate bars with six new flavors that range from rich and classic to fun and quirky. Double Chocolate Truffle, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Crisp, The Cookie Jar, Caramel Mocha and the uniquely sweet and salty Pigs N’ Taters will join such flavors as Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Milk Chocolate Bar—named Most Innovative New Product of the Year in 2012 by the National Confectioner’s Association.

We’re seeing extraordinary growth in the popularity of this line of chocolate bars,” said Andrew Schuman, Hammond’s President and CEO. “The flavors hit a nostalgic note, but address a modern appetite. And they’re packaged beautifully so the candy experience encompasses taste, smell and sight. They’re designed to be a genuine sensory treat for any chocolate lover.”

Hammond’s built its reputation on the creation of stunning, hand-pulled candy canes and lollipops. Its diverse line of delicious milk and dark chocolate bars was launched in 2012 and carries on the Hammond’s tradition of respect for candy’s very special appeal.

The new chocolate bar flavors are made to the company’s exacting standards, featuring all-natural ingredients, pure cane sugar, real milk, cream and naturally sourced flavors. Double Chocolate Truffle and Red Velvet Cake include rich ganache, capturing their signature flavors. Chocolate Crisp is made with crispy rice for a satisfying crunch, while The Cookie Jar takes a twist on a classic with cookie bits of all kinds in white chocolate. Caramel Mocha softens sweetness and adds depth with a hint of coffee, and Pigs N’ Taters provides a sinful mix of chocolate, potato chips and crispy kosher bacon bits. All are beautifully presented in Hammond’s award-winning packaging, making them perfect for gifts and special treats.

More information is available at or by calling 800.CANDY.99 (800.226.3999). Follow Hammond’s Candies on Facebook at and now on Pinterest at

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