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Heartland Gourmet Offers ‘Gourmet Gluten Free’

Heartland Gourmet 1Heartland Gourmet has an amazingly complete line of gluten-free baking mixes and gourmet desserts. The company’s varieties are both unique and flavorful.

With a commitment to those who need to eat gluten-free, Heartland Gourmet spent four years developing its flour blend and mixes in order to provide high-quality products that those with Celiac’s disease, or who are gluten intolerant, can share with friends with pride.

Heartland Gourmet 2The baked off gluten-free line from Heartland Gourmet has expanded to include loaf breads, brownies, coffee cake, cornbread and cakes—and the cupcakes are available individually labeled and wrapped for colleges and coffee shops to serve without risk of contamination. Heartland Gourmet mixes now include a Beer Bread and Pumpkin Quickbread, another example of delicious goodness that will have your customers returning time after time.

To get a complete listing, pricing, or find a distributor near you, contact Heartland Gourmet at 402.423.1234 or email

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