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Introducing MARCHESI “Liquid Gold” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Sabina D.O.P.

Copy of A10For 2,600 years, the hills of Sabina have been home to the “Oliveti Secolari” the oldest olive trees in Europe. Today, nine historic olive varietals originating in the Sabina hills are blended into the velvety “liquid gold” that is MARCHESI Sabina D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. True to its origin, Sabina D.O.P. is aromatic with notes of fresh herbs and artichoke. Sabina D.O.P.boasts an excellent balance of fruit and spice and is smooth on the palate.

The “Sabina” begins at Rome and extends from the left bank of the Tiber River to just past the Sabini Mountains. Its lush, hilly landscape is dotted by medieval villages, castles and ancient monasteries. Yet it’s the olive groves, green valleys and forest laden mountains that dominate this ancient countryside.

consorzio sabina dopSABINA was the first extra virgin olive oil to receive the coveted D.O.P. (Denominazione di Origine Protteta, the Italian designation that indicates that the product is guaranteed to come from a specific limited area of origin). This guarantees the SABINA D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil from MARCHESI is from the designated area of Sabina and that its production and processes result in a final product of the highest quality and integrity.

Po Valley Foods is currently one of only a few importers of Sabina D.O.P.Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is available in a 500 ml tin with a suggested retail price of $17.95. For further information, contact Po Valley Foods by emailing or calling 516-801-4688.


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