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The Invisible Chef Blondies and Brownies

The Invisible Chef’s blondies and brownies are as much fun to bake as they are to eat! The company’s collection of products includes best selling brownie flavors mocha chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip, as well as blondie flavor walnut chocolate chip. All are easy to prepare with only a few ingredients from your kitchen.

The Invisible Chef offers premium baking mixes blended using all-natural ingredients, so you always get the quality you have come to expect in every bite. Other products available from the company include Coffee & Tea Cakes, Frosted & Fabulous Cupcake Kits, Savory Muffin Cakes, Bake It Quick Breads, Sweet Muffin Cakes, Bed & Breakfast Favorites and Cookie Jar Classics.
The Invisible Chef’s collection of blondies and brownies are packaged in beautiful gift style boxes with product photography that sells itself. Each 20-ounce box retails for $9.95. The company’s blondies and brownies are now available, as of September 2013.
For order information or to receive the company’s product catalog, call 800.456.7115, or email The Invisible Chef, fudgy, chocolatey and chewy: “Be Happy—Eat a Brownie!”

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