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Looking, to Spice Things Up? Vanns Has It All

When it comes to fragrant, flavorful and consistently performing spices, spice blends, flavors and extracts, you will find everything you need from Vanns Spices. Professional chefs and home cooks alike rely upon Vanns for an encyclopedic selection of flavorful ingredients that add unmistakable appeal to their recipes, culinary creations and packaged products.

While Vanns enjoys an enduring reputation for consistency, integrity and quality, it is also recognized for its incredible depth and variety of spice and flavor options. While pantry standards such kosher salt, black Tellicherry peppercorns, onion and garlic are available, Vanns offers dozens of salt varieties and peppercorns, as well as numerous configurations of both garlic and onion to choose from.

If that is not enough, you will also find a dizzying assortment of exotic spices and spice blends from Vanns. Some of the more intriguing include Ultimate French Fry Seasoning, Urfa Chili Pepper, Zahtar, African Bird Pepper, Trim Tabb’s Pig Powder and Espresso Rub. Vanns also works with supermarkets and specialty food retailers, helping them develop proprietary spice assortments and house-branded private label offerings. In these situations, brand owners have the opportunity to enhance brand image and offer spices that rival national brands in terms of flavor, performance and overall quality, delivering ultimate value.

“It’s all about value and performance,” says Mick Whitlock, President of Vanns Spices. “With your own spice brand, the equity and trust that has been established with customers in other parts of the store can be reinforced on the spice shelf.”

Packaging also plays an enormous role in the success of Vanns’ private label solutions. From glass and plastic to folding cartons and self-contained grinders, the number and variety of appealing packaging considerations is significant.

For additional information, buyers are invited to visit Vanns Spices at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Booth 646. Alternatively, contact Vanns by email at or by phone at 800.583.1693.

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