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MarDona Black Truffle Marinara Sauce

MarDona Specialty Foods has a great addition to the array of Italian foods it offers: the Black Truffle Marinara Sauce. MarDona uses only pure, natural ingredients in the making of gourmet sauce. The company uses the best crushed tomatoes, fresh spices, pure truffle infused olive oil and the finest black truffles. Then that sauce is slow-cooked over a low heat for hours to give the sauce its well-balanced thickness and great taste. MarDona also keeps the sodium and calorie levels as low as possible. And it is, of course, gluten-free.

MarDona prides itself on having the finest gourmet products and providing them at affordable prices. The team at MarDona is certain that your gift basket will be a hit when you add the new MarDona Black Truffle Marinara sauce today.

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