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Maruso Black Bean Soy Sauce: Thick Enough to Stick

Maruso SoySometimes you just need that go-to sauce that covers all the bases for taste and for versatility. Maruso Thick Black Bean Soy Sauce could be that sauce for your customers.

Maruso Soy Sauce is gluten-free, brewed from non-GMO black soy beans and naturally low in sodium. Its thick consistency and unique taste gives Maruso Soy Sauce added versatility as a cooking sauce and as a condiment. Plus that consistency means it clings to food, so you can brush it, dip it, or drizzle it on anything.

For more adventurous palates, the experience of Maruso Ghost Pepper Soy Sauce might add the little kick to food that those customers are searching for.

For more than a century, Taiwanese households have enjoyed one of Asia’s finest soy sauces. It has been produced using the same, all-natural process by the same family. Now it’s available in the United States as Maruso Soy Sauce.

Your customers will reach for Maruso time and time again as their gourmet alternative to traditional soy sauce in Asian and non-Asian cuisines. Visit or call 909-636-2152 for more information.

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