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Midor AG Debuts Selection Suisse Cookie Assortment

Carl Brandt, Inc. will be introducing Midor’s Selection Suisse Cookie Assortment at the Winter Fancy Food Show. The Selection Suisse Gift Box is an assortment of the best-selling, irresistible cookies in the Swiss Delice line. Dating back to 1928, these famed cookies, crafted by Midor AG, are pure indulgence – honoring famed Swiss standards for excellence.

13 BR Swiss Delice Selection Suisse10001018BThe Selection Suisse Gift Box offers eight scrumptious varieties (6.17 ounces) enrobed in milk or dark chocolate. This collection of choice biscuits includes: wafers with hazelnut cream enrobed or dipped with Swiss chocolate, meringue sandwiches, or cookies with hazelnut filling.

GMO-free, Midor’s famed cookies combine all-natural, highest quality ingredients – no artificial colors or preservatives. Only free-range eggs are used. Midor’s Swiss Delice Selection Suisse Gift Box, with premium taste, is beautifully packaged for sure sales.

The Gift Box has a suggested retail price of $9.99. See it in booth #631 at the Winter Fancy Food Show. After the show, visit

Call 203.256.8133 to place a wholesale order. Minimum order is $300.



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