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MODERN OATS for a Quick, Conscientious Breakfast

Innovative Beverage Concepts, Inc’s newest product line is MODERN OATS, artisanally grown and minimally processed oatmeal packed in on-the-go cups that require no microwaving. Consumer or barista simply adds hot water to the oatmeal cup and lets it sit for three minutes before stirring and eating.

MODERN OATS boasts an impressive array of check-offs for conscientious or allergen-sensitive consumers: The certified gluten-free oats are grown on small family-run farms in the Upper Midwest of North America. All of the oats are made from color-sorted kilned, whole groats that are minimally processed by steaming and flaking. Nuts and seeds or dried fruit is then added to the mix for antioxidants and omega-3 values, and the oatmeal is sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice. It’s packaged in recyclable individual cups that are designed to pop on the shelf and speak to contemporary consumers who cares about what they eat, where it’s from and what the packaging looks like as they carry it around.

MODERN OATS retails for an average of $3.25 per cup and comes in 6-cup and 12-cup cases. Cases are available both as all one flavor and as variety packs with each of the six flavors: Mango Blackberry Oatmeal, Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal, Nuts & Seeds Oatmeal, Apple Walnut Oatmeal, 5 Berry Oatmeal and Goji Blueberry Oatmeal. For more information, visit

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