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Moxie Inspires Greatness with MIG Soap

By Lorrie Baumann

Every small business starts with the founder’s dream, but that’s usually a metaphor for the inspiration that moves a person to action. But when MIG Soap CEO and Founder Jaime Cross says her company started with a dream, she means it literally.

The dream occurred on October 5, 2010. “I had a dream one night and woke up and told my husband, ‘I think I’m supposed to start a soap company,’” she says. “I saw myself pouring oils, and I saw this whole process in my dream, and I saw the letters MIG come up out of the soap. Everything was so clear I knew there was substance there.”

The dream seemed a custom fit for Cross who has had a longstanding passion for herbalism and natural products. She’d been thinking over business ideas for a while, and the dream pointed her in a definite direction. Cross responded with a year of research and development reading every book and medical journal she could find on skin care, resulting in her brand of luxury skin care products which have been on the market for the past three years.

Every product in the MIG line is multifunctional, and the collections are comprised of products for primary or complementary use– a boost for busy people without a lot of time, energy or space to pamper themselves and particularly valuable for business travelers who must either fit their entire skin care regimen into a one-quart plastic bag or trust an airline not to lose it en route. “You can buy one or two products and cover your entire regimen,” Cross says. “What I want people to know about us is that we are a high performance, affordable luxury body care company with each product formulated and packaged with our no-compromise ingredient list, and we handcraft everything in small batches. For instance, our body butter moisture stick is poured into a convenient twist tube. Use it right before you exit the shower while your skin is still wet, pat dry, and you won’t need lotion for the rest of the day. Our Sleep Balm is very effective for promoting relaxation. The calming scrub boost – launching at Expo East – is a combination of colloidal oat, bentonite and a number of other rich ingredients that you can add a few times a week to your favorite cleanser for an infused, soothing and exfoliating cleanse. Beyond product, we invite you to take a moment with MIG to recharge and reboot so you can go after your dreams with Moxie.”


At Natural Products Expo East, Cross is introducing her line of luxury soap and body butters, her men’s grooming product line, her Apothecary collection (which includes the Sleep Balm and the Breathe Vapor Balm) and new boost products. “The boosts are a great way for busy people to enhance their current skin care regimen with powerful antioxidants, soothing extracts and essential components for healthier looking skin without having to replace their favorite products,” she says. Other MIG products will be launching over the next six months.

For further information, stop by and visit with Jaime Cross in booth # 8614 at Natural Products Expo East. After the show, you can email to reach her as well.



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