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Naked Sea Salt


Naked Sea Salt’s mission is to introduce the world to gourmet salt from the Dead Sea that is an all-natural, low-sodium and mineral-rich alternative to artificially refined salt. Founded by environmental activist Ari Leon Fruchter, the company encourages regional cooperation by working with a Palestinian company that specializes in harvesting salt from the Dead Sea’s healing waters by using traditional chemical-free methods that preserve the water’s unique mineral content.
Each of Naked Sea Salt’s 15 flavors has been blended with organic herbs and spices to create a salt of bold, creative taste and unparalleled nutrition. “Each blend is a modern twist on an ancient classic,” Fruchter said. “Salt and spice in one—as easy as twist and serve.”
With its dedication to environmental and economic concerns, part of the company’s mission is to serve as a model of sustainable, ethical practice for private manufacturing companies in the region. For more information, visit or email

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