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New AngelBowls Deliver Homemade Taste and Flavor with Fresh Non GMO Ingredients

A new line of AngelBowls is appearing in the freezer cases at Sprouts Farmers Market stores this December.  By combining the highest quality vegetables with made-from-scratch sauces, AngelBowls frozen entrées serve up great taste with clean ingredients, exceptional value and culinary convenience for the perfect work day lunch or weekday meal component.

The first five AngelBowls  (retailing at Sprouts for $4.49) are made with non-GMO ingredients from the veggies themselves to the oil they are cooked in. They’re being sold at Sprouts Farmers Market stores across the country.

AngelBowVeggie_zps6b6109adThe AngelBowl lineup includes Mediterranean Eggplant Parmesan, Roasted Vegetable & Goat Cheese Gratin, Vegetable Bruschetta & Mozzarella, Penne Pasta in Parma Rosa Sauce and Corkscrew Pasta & Creamy Tomato Vodka Sauce.

Served in an eco-friendly bowl packaged in a recyclable outer carton, AngelBowls offer a premium eating experience with vegetables that are uniformly diced, ensuring the perfect flavor combination in every bite. Health conscious consumers can rest assured that they are purchasing the best of the best from the frozen food aisle, as each of the AngelBowls has conscientious levels of sodium and calories, while the clean ingredients and creative sauces provide a burst of flavor that is appealing to even the most discerning palate.

The new AngelBowls brand is a strategic line expansion by parent company, Dominex, which has been providing eggplant products to consumers for more than 25 years. With this latest product introduction, Dominex continues its promise to deliver exceptional taste and flavors with the cleanest of ingredients at an affordable price.

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