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New Hope Natural Media’s NEXT Trend Wins Two Gold Hermes Creative Awards

 New Hope Natural Media‘s online data and insight solution, NEXT Trend, has won two gold awards in the Hermes Creative Awards Competition.  The NEXT Trend website ( and its companion video were recognized for excellence in the “Website Overall/Business to Business” and “Website Element/Video for the Web” categories.  The Hermes Creative Awards, sponsored, produced and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional programs, and emerging technologies.

“We are proud to receive recognition in the Hermes Awards for our website and video,” said Bill Tuohig, Vice President and Product Leader, New Hope Natural Media’s NEXT Trend.  “These awards are a tribute to the hard work of our team and are in recognition of our innovative approach to bringing new data and insights solutions to the natural products industry.”

NEXT Trend provides proprietary pre-shelf product data for the natural and healthy living market, future trend predictions and insights, a predictive consumer segmentation, custom research and extensive industry expertise that helps enterprise level companies quickly recognize and act on emerging, high-growth market opportunities.

NEXT Trend assists consumer food and beverage companies, retailers, suppliers and investment firms identify key market drivers; predict which pre-shelf products and ingredients are poised for widespread adoption; develop targeted, localized go-to-market strategies, and minimize risk and accelerate speed to market with a fast, affordable, early product concept filter.

NEXT Trend’s exclusive pre-shelf data includes 30+ top trends, 50,000+ products, 1,500+ ingredients and attributes, and 1,000+ product categories.

New Hope Natural Media’s Predictive Consumer Segmentation is also overlaid within NEXT Trend to help brands and retailers identify and target consumers who are most likely to be early adopters of natural products and corresponding high success potential regions in the United States.  Five key consumer segments differentiated by early adoption, lifestyles, behaviors and beliefs toward health and wellness were created from the research, redefining traditional market segmentation.  The segmentation allows companies to effectively target interested, passionate consumers and provides them with concepts and marketing strategies to optimize product innovation.

In addition, NEXT Trend provides a dynamic Product Concept Lab within the Predictive Consumer Segmentation, which allows product innovators to test new product concepts early in the new product development cycle.  This early, fast product filter allows innovators to focus on high potential product concepts, which saves time and money and decreases new product development cycle times. A wide variety of blue chip consumer packaged goods companies – TwinLab, MetaBrand, Lundberg Family Farms, General Mills Small Planet Foods, Clorox, Kellogg’s Kashi, Quinoa Corporation, and PepsiCO – are among those using the online data and insight solution to gain a competitive edge when bringing natural products to market.

Last month, NEXT Trend won a 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award in the “Outstanding Website – Consumer Goods Industry” category.

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