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Nocciolata From Rigoni di Asiago Is A Must-Have

Rigoni Di Asiago USANocciolata organic chocolate hazelnut spread with cocoa and milk by Rigoni di Asiago is a must-have. Creamy and natural, with carefully selected organic ingredients, Nocciolata is produced by combining all natural ingredients with care and an artisan’s devotion of time.

It is not processed with chemical ingredients and does not contain additives or colorings. There are no artificial flavorings either. West Indian cocoa, Italian hazelnuts and Madagascar vanilla are the three main ingredients, and they’re made even creamier with the addition of cocoa butter. All fats are completely natural and no palm oil or hydrogenated oils are used. And of course Nicciolata is gluten-free!

Founded in 1923, Rigoni di Asiago is located on the Asiago plateau, 90 miles north of Venice, where the Rigoni family has always lived and worked surrounded only by nature. Rigoni di Asiago is the producer of Nocciolata, Fiordifrutta organic fruit spread and Mielbio organic honey.

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