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Olive Oil Tasting Course

 Extra virgin olive oil is truly a food for the ages; for thousands of years it has been used not only as a food, but for medicine, beauty and religious rites. Today, health professionals tout its incredible medical qualities, chefs have menus celebrating fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oil and it is the backbone of the one of the world’s healthiest lifestyles, the Mediterranean Diet. Yet, it is still one of the most misunderstood foods consumed today, especially by Americans.

Premium extra virgin olive oil producer Lucini Italia has partnered with the Extra Virgin Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to restoring trust of extra virgin olive oil in the American marketplace, to host an intensive, two-day olive oil tasting seminar in New York City in June. The course will provide a hands-on introduction to the world of olive oil, including fundamentals of olive oil tasting, recognizing defects and appreciating positive attributes. It is ideal for anyone passionate about extra virgin olive oil and eager to learn the truths and fraud behind this very special food.

A recent study revealed that while a majority of American consumers are using extra virgin olive oil for health and flavor, they do not know what a high-quality oil should taste like. In fact, when asked to describe the taste profile of the oil they are using, a vast majority described a rancid, stale oil.

“It’s unacceptable,” said David Neuman, president of Lucini Italia. “Americans think they are doing something good for their bodies and making their food taste better, when chances are they are not. A great extra virgin olive oil is life changing; once you have experienced one, you really cannot go back to using sub-par oil. You will feel better and your food will taste immensely better. We want all Americans to be able to know what to look for so they too can have this incredible experience.”

Over 10 internationally renowned olive oil experts will teach proper tasting techniques, how to identify fraud and what to look for when purchasing a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Brown University’s Mary Flynn and The Culinary Institute of America’s Bill Briwawill share how to understand olive oil health and nutrition, using olive oil in the kitchen and food pairing.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Intensive Tasting Course
June 27 – 28, 2014
8:30 AM – 5 PM
$850 (breakfast and lunch are provided)
Visit to register.

Lucini is not benefitting financially from the course and is simply facilitating it. “Superb quality is our mantra and the more people understand and respect high-quality extra virgin olive oil, the better and stronger the industry will be as a whole,” Neuman said.

For more information and to register visit For more information on Lucini and Extra Virgin Alliance, and

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