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Omaha Steaks Introduces New Rib Crown Steak

Omaha Steaks today introduced the Private Reserve Rib Crown Steak into its complete line of premium beef and gourmet foods. The Rib Crown Steak, known for superior marbling, flavor and tenderness, joins the company’s extensive line of steak cuts including the filet mignon, boneless strip, top sirloin, ribeye and flat iron. Long regarded as a favorite among steak lovers, the rib crown steak combines the best of the rich, juicy flavor of a ribeye with the tenderness of a filet mignon.

“We are proud to introduce our customers to the rib crown steak –the crown jewel of the ribeye,” said President and fifth-generation family owner Bruce Simon. “This coveted cap steak is perfectly trimmed from the most prized part of the ribeye and is known for exceptional tenderness. Our new rib crown will soon be one of your all-time favorite steaks.”

Chefs who recently sampled the new Omaha Steaks Rib Crown Steaks agreed with the “crown jewel” status, sharing a multitude of mouth-watering comments:

“The steak is very well marbled and delicious grilled with a simple salt and pepper rub.”
Chef Bobby Mekiney
M’s Pub/Vivace
Omaha, Nebraska

“The rib crown steaks have great flavor and texture.”
Executive Chef Chip Hawkins
Hilton Omaha

“The rib crown steaks are amazingly tender. I did a simple beef dry rub with some olive oil, grilled it to medium rare and finished it with a chimichurri butter.  Delicious.”
Clint Cantwell
Editor –

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