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Non-Dairy Yogurt from COYO

coyo fciCOYO, America’s fastest growing non-dairy yogurt, is a coconut-based alternative that was created in Australia in 2012 by Henry and Sandra Gosling. It has since spread worldwide and is available in the U.S. at leading natural and organic grocers.

Paleo certified, COYO is 100 percent vegan and has no added sugar, fillers or preservatives. Kosher-certified, it is handcrafted in “coconut-only” kitchens. Made using only five ingredients (coconut extract, water, tapioca, pectin and probiotic cultures) of premium quality, all COYO products are naturally rich in fatty acids, making them an easily digestible source of energy, minerals and vitamins that consumers of all diets can enjoy. Every ingredient is carefully selected and serves a specific purpose, and the use of minimal packaging means a small carbon footprint for a product consumers can feel good about.

COYO stands apart from other non-dairy products with its unbeatable smooth taste and thick, rich, yogurt-like texture paired with its clean label. It’s a true kitchen workhorse with a variety of applications; it’s a substitute for common dairy products when cooking or baking, or you may enjoy it on its own or with fruit and granola for a wholesome snack. Available in 5.3-ounce and 12-ounce containers, COYO’s five flavors, Natural, Mango, Mixed Berry, Chocolate and Vanilla Bean are also available in foodservice sizes.

Made with nutrient-dense coconut cream rather than coconut milk, it lends to the flavor of the product and increases the benefits to the consumer as plant-based nutrients are more easily absorbed than nutrients from other animal-based products. All COYO ingredients are sustainably farmed and as consumers continue to gravitate towards plant-based products and socially responsible brands, COYO is poised for success and continued growth in the market.

Grow Your Maple Category with Coombs Family Farms

As the No. 1 organic maple brand in the U.S., Coombs Family Farms continues to work with grocers to grow their maple category. For seven generations, Coombs Family Farms has been committed to providing high quality, sustainably produced maple products to satisfy customers.

coombs editphoto1Coombs Family Farms, with its strong consumer tested label, attracts shoppers who frequent natural and grocery channels for maple. With a 100 percent commitment to growing the category versus just stealing market share, it brings a variety of consumer segments to the shelf.

As America’s leading farmer owned maple company, Coombs Family Farms is vertically integrated for maximum efficiency. It sugars, packages, distributes and markets maple. Its unique sourcing model guarantees supply while also supporting its suppliers (over 3,000 small family farms) with equipment credit, educational seminars and advocacy. As an industry-leading voice for real ingredients and truth in labeling, Coombs Family Farms is committed to growing and protecting the maple industry.

Coombs Family Farms truly is a best in class maple supplier that is also a partner brand that promotes to bring high value and traditional maple consumers to your store. With its time tested package designed to attract and sell, coupled with forthcoming innovative new packaging to attract a new generation of shopper, Coombs has the complete maple lineup to grow your maple sales.

ENZO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California

enzo editphoto1With an earnest desire to craft and provide domestic consumers with the finest oil, Patrick and Vincent Ricchiuti founded ENZO Olive Oil Company in 2008. From its inception, the Ricchiutis adopted the highest quality standards into their olive oil operation so to earn the certification of “extra virgin” from the California Olive Oil Council. Patrick and Vincent are also active stewards in the American Olive Oil Producers Association, a collective voice to ensure the integrity of olive oil production.

enzo fciUnlike many other olive oil producers, ENZO Olive Oil Company is vertically integrated, which means the entire growing, harvesting, milling, bottling and shipping process is completed from start to finish on-site, producing one of the freshest oils available with superior quality and taste. The olive trees – planted in an optimal climate, similar to the Mediterranean region – are carefully nurtured year-round. Once picked at prime conditions, the olives are then transported immediately from the grove to the Ricchiuti’s mill where the crush begins. When the milling process is complete, the olive oil is then bottled and ready to be enjoyed by all.

Another unique aspect of ENZO Olive Oil Company is Patrick and Vincent’s commitment to producing only the highest quality of certified organic and kosher extra virgin olive oil. Knowing the health and nutritional advantages of organic foods, Patrick and Vincent decided from the onset to subscribe to stringent organic and kosher farming and processing standards and principles. Drawing upon their farming expertise, Patrick and Vincent meticulously monitor each phase of the growing, harvesting and milling process. This hands-on approach has proven to be a difference-maker in producing award-winning organic and kosher extra virgin olive oil.

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