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Small-Batch Pacific Northwest Flavors for Seafood

By Lorrie Baumann

Seattle Artisan Foods offers a line of condiments, simmer sauces and seasonings all designed to enhance the seafood that has long helped define the culture of the Pacific Northwest. Ingredients for the products are sourced locally whenever possible, and the products are handmade in Seattle, Washington, and bear names reflective of that locale, said Seattle Artisan Foods Founder and Owner Beverly Rhodes. “We’re a company of three: myself, my chef and my son, who’s my accountant,” she said. “And my dog is the mascot.”

QueenAnneCioppino_V2WAt present, the product range includes two simmer sauces, two condiment sauces and two seasoning mixes. The most popular in the line is Queen Anne Cioppino Simmer Sauce. Named for Seattle’s Queen Anne borough, where the company’s kitchen is located, this classic Italian American sauce is seasoned with a Pacific Northwest twist. Cioppino is traditionally made from whatever seafood the boats brought to the dock that day, and in Seattle, that means Dungeness crab, clams or mussels, shrimp, scallops, squid and white fish, including cod and halibut. The company’s chef recommends about a pound of mixed seafood with the sauce, and just a few minutes of cooking at home produces an entree that serves four. The 16-ounce jar retails for about $8.99.

SAF Group 01-15-18_PrintBelltown BBQ Shrimp Simmer Sauce is another sauce named after one of Seattle’s boroughs, and it’s also a top seller for Seattle Artisan Foods. “It’s an acidified sauce with a sweet heat and a tang that’s outstanding,” Rhodes said. “Everyone loves the Belltown BBQ sauce. It goes with frozen or fresh shrimp. Steamed potatoes or rice, a little bread, a few minutes in the pan and you’re done – it’s like a pasta sauce for shrimp.” The 16-ounce jar retails for $8.99, and when prepared as directed, it serves four.

FlagshipTarter_V2WThe two condiment sauces in the line are Flagship Tartar Sauce and Shoreline Cocktail Sauce. Flagship Tartar Sauce has a mayonnaise base with capers, sweet peppers, lemon juice and “just the right amount of dill, so it’s a good complement to a fried fish dish,” Rhodes said. It’s packaged in a 10-ounce jar that retails for $5.99. Shoreline Cocktail Sauce includes garlic and onions along with horseradish and some lemon juice to brighten the flavors. “Just grab a shot glass and throw in your shrimp or crab,” Rhodes said. The 10-ounce jar of this also retails for $5.99.

There are two seasonings: Lemon Herb Seasoning was designed especially for white fish like halibut, cod or rockfish, but it’s also good on chicken, while the Seattle Artisan Foods Salmon Rub combines some brown sugar and a little bit of heat for a sweet and spicy flavor that offers a true taste of Seattle.

All of the products are shelf-stable, and although distribution is currently limited to the Pacific Northwest, national distribution is on the horizon. For further information, call Seattle Artisan Foods at 877.337.0672 or visit

Schuman Cheese Celebrates World Championship Honors

Seven new medals prove Schuman Cheese continues to earn its reputation as a world-class cheese maker. Schuman’s flagship brand, Cello, earned Best in Class honors in the Aged Asiago category, as well as medals in other categories. Meanwhile, Schuman’s Yellow Door Creamery picked up a silver medal for Tuscan Hand-Rubbed Fontina. Both brands earned recognition in several other categories, as well.

All winning entries were made at Schuman’s Lake Country Dairy, which Schuman Cheese opened in 2006 with a singular passion: to make great specialty cheeses. Thanks to rich pastures, pure, fresh water and the careful husbandry of a select group of family farmers, the very best milk from Wisconsin’s dairyland goes into every wheel.

The result is a family of highly awarded cheeses, including these winners from among this year’s record-breaking 3,402 entries in the World Championship Cheese Contest:

Asiago for webCello Asiago proves that some things truly do grow better with age. Aging for 10 months, a bit longer than most, results in a superior, traditional smooth and balanced flavor. Cello Asiago took Best in Class honors in the Aged Asiago category, while a Cello Extra-Aged Asiago wheel earned third place in the category.

Every wheel of Cello Artisan Parmesan is brined, hand-turned and shelf-cured for optimal quality and a complex flavor composition that is truly a delicious work of art. In the Parmesan category, Cello Artisan Parmesan earned a silver medal, while Cello Organic Copper Kettle Parmesan rounded out the category with a bronze medal.

The heritage of Italian cheese making – hand-crafting, brining and careful shelf-curing – gives Cello Fontal its smooth, creamy texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. It also gave Schuman Cheese a silver medal in the Open Class for Semi-Soft Cheeses.

TuscanNewLabelWheel_2-21-18Schuman Cheese’s Yellow Door Creamery brand encourages people to enjoy the amazing range of flavors possible with cheese. The Yellow Door Creamery Hand-Rubbed Fontina line continues to validate this award-worthy concept with its robust rubs hand-smeared on wheels of creamy fontal cheese. The Tuscan variety (a rub of classic Italian herbs and spices) earned silver in the Open Class for Flavored Semi-Soft Cheeses, while Bergamot & Hibiscus (a custom bergamot and hibiscus spice blend) earned a bronze medal.

Enjoy Life Foods Debuts Reformulated Protein Bites and Showcases Grain & Seed Bars

Enjoy Life Foods is relaunching its ProBurst Bites as Protein Bites with new flavors added to the line. Protein Bites boast an elevated taste and texture profile, but with the same great plant-based protein in each poppable bite that fans know and love. Debuting two new flavors, including Dark Raspberry and Dipped Banana, Protein Bites will also be available in familiar options like Sunseed™ Butter and Cinnamon Spice. The company is also expanding its range of free-from foods with new Grain & Seed Bars, the first bars to combine three types of the ancient grain sorghum in four enticing flavors: Chocolate Marshmallow, Banana Caramel, Maple Sweet Potato and Cranberry Orange.

“Part of what makes Enjoy Life special is our open line of communication with our community,” said Joel Warady, General Manager and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Enjoy Life Foods. “We knew from consumer feedback that there was an undeniable love for our original bites, but because we know how important flavor and texture are, we made the choice to give them the boost our consumers deserve. As a result, we’ve landed on four incredibly delicious recipes that raise the bar for protein bites everywhere.”

Enjoy Life’s chocolately, truffle-like Protein Bites are packed with six grams of plant-based protein and offer a burst to power through the day. Enclosed in a rich chocolate shell, each flavor is free from palm oil and 14 allergens, including wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, casein, soy, egg, sesame, sulfites, lupin, mustard, fish, shellfish, and crustaceans. Protein Bites are also certified gluten free, Non-GMO Project verified, vegan, halal and kosher. Available in spring 2018, Protein Bites will retail for $6.99 for
each resealable six-ounce bag. Like all Enjoy Life products, each bag carries a bright teal color designed to shed a positive spotlight on food allergies while creating a cohesive brand block on shelf.

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