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Northern Wind Introduces Re-branded Captain’s Call Scallop Product Line at Seafood Expo

Northern Wind®, which is a direct off-loader, processor and distributor of fresh and frozen scallops, unveiled its new re-branding of its iconic Captain’s Call product line at Seafood Expo North America. The new identity includes a new brand logo, 1-pound retail bag, 5-pound foodservice bag, 5-pound foodservice box and an 8-pound fresh container. The re-branding also includes new product sell sheets and shipping boxes.

Captain’s Call Scallops signify the most prized item, the best of the fisherman’s catch. The new logo signifies that and is proudly displayed front and center in the re-designing of the packaging for both the retail and foodservice product lines. “We wanted our new Captain’s Call brand identity to reflect our leadership position within the industry and our commitment to be the very best at what we do for our customers,” said George Kouri, CEO of Northern Wind.

Founded in 1987, and headquartered on the historic New Bedford, Massachusetts waterfront, Northern Wind’s state-of-the-art facility is certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce Seafood Inspection Program for packing of USDC Grade A Fresh and Frozen Scallops. Northern Wind was the first in the nation to receive Fair Trade™ Certification and during the 2017-18 fishing season purchased over 1 million pounds of Fair Trade scallops. In addition, Northern Wind’s start-of-the-art processing facility is BRC and MSC certified.

Northern Wind offers a variety of different graded scallops under the Five Star Premium, Mariner’s Choice and Sea Spray brands. Northern Wind has seen explosive growth during the past three years, increasing their market share among leading chain restaurants and through the mainstream supermarket channel.

As a direct off-loader of scallops, Northern Wind never compromises on the quality and safety of its scallops. Northern Wind’s state-of-the-art facility is the most advanced in the industry and was designed to meet today’s manufacturing regulatory demands, quality control and product traceability to ensure years of future growth.

“The past three years has been an exciting time for Northern Wind. Our customers now realize that they can capitalize on the scope and depth of our capabilities, which in turn has increased the demand for our products. This has directly led us to make new hires, implement our new branding and position us for future growth,” added Ken Melanson, Founder and Chairman of Northern Wind.

For 30 years, Northern Wind has earned its reputation for providing its customers with only the freshest all natural, wild caught and fleet harvested scallops from the icy pure waters of the North Atlantic. Northern Wind is a member of the American Scallop Association and provides its customers with the freshest seafood products that have been responsibly harvested using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Bayonne Ham Council Consortium Markets to Consumers

There is ham and there is Bayonne ham. After successfully launching a large-scale trade-focused campaign in 2017, the crown jewel of French cured ham continues its conquest of the US market by seducing Americans’ palates.

“Bayonne ham addresses American foodies’ search for authentic, premium and traceable craft products,” says Pierre-Yves Alifat, head of the Bayonne Ham Council Consortium. “The launch of our campaign coincides with a growing demand for charcuterie in the U.S., thus making today the perfect time to try this delicacy.”

Currently, five Bayonne ham brands are available across the United States, from 20 different distributors and their presence is growing.  Aside from its delicate and subtle flavors, here are the top six reasons that make Bayonne ham so unique:

  1. An inimitable gem – Bayonne ham earned the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status in 1998, a label that guarantees the quality and geographic origin of a product. The ham is so inherently special and inimitable that it must come from southwest France to be called that way.
  1. Bayonne Ham, the taste of an outstanding terroir – Bayonne’s terroir is one-of-a-kind: the Adour Basin is influenced by the perfect combination of sea and mountains. Winds from the south known as “foehn” rise from the Pyrénées mountains and are balanced with the moist air flowing from the Atlantic to provide the ideal conditions for proper drying of the meat.
  1. Pigs, salt, air, patience and nothing else – Four ingredients are essential to the production of Bayonne ham: pigs, salt, air and patience. To qualify for production, pigs must be born and bred in the southwest France and fed with natural products. Even the natural salt from Salies-de-Bearn used in the curing is PGI-labelled, 100 percent natural, pure and rich in oligo-elements.
  1. An unequaled taste – The harmonious union between the freshest meat and natural salt gives this ham a truly unique and distinguishing flavor. “We have done many demos at our stores, and our shoppers, who are always looking for a new food experience, find Jambon de Bayonne to be just that! With a moderate saltiness and creamy finish, Jambon de Bayonne is unique and stands out among the rest,” said Richard Rosenberg, Director of Deli and Catering Operations at Fairway Market.
  1. An authentic craft delicacy – The history of Bayonne ham production is what sets it apart from other hams. True to tradition, Bayonne ham has retained its authentic medieval signature: hams are still branded with the “Bayonne” seal and the traditional Laburu Basque Cross.
  1. A guarantee of traceability and transparency – Bayonne ham producers’ philosophy is based on the complete control of the entire production cycle, from animal feeding to the distribution of the product. Every step along the ham’s journey to the dinner table can easily be traced.

Maison Agour, Delpeyrat, Mayte, Salaisons de l’Adour and Pierre Oteiza are some of the most beloved brands of Bayonne ham available in the United States.

Cash Prizes Offered for Shelf Display Promoting Plant-Based Products

U.S. retailers are invited to enter a retail display contest during Plant Protein Month in April. Through, retailers are receiving posters to help educate consumers on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. The best display promoting plant-protein based products will receive a $1,000 cash prize. Three runner-up stores will have an opportunity to win $500 as well. As part of Plant Protein Month, brands are donating to Vitamin Angels, which administers Vitamin A to undernourished children throughout the world. Axiom Foods, a co-sponsor of the contest, , is starting things off with a $10,000 donation. Retailers can get info for entering the contest by simply texting “retailer” to 313131.

Winners will be chosen by a panel of experts including a partner from Vitamin Angels, an editor from WholeFoods magazine and a retail merchandising expert. The Plant Protein Retail Display Contest poster can be obtained at

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