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ENZO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California

enzo editphoto1With an earnest desire to craft and provide domestic consumers with the finest oil, Patrick and Vincent Ricchiuti founded ENZO Olive Oil Company in 2008. From its inception, the Ricchiutis adopted the highest quality standards into their olive oil operation so to earn the certification of “extra virgin” from the California Olive Oil Council. Patrick and Vincent are also active stewards in the American Olive Oil Producers Association, a collective voice to ensure the integrity of olive oil production.

enzo fciUnlike many other olive oil producers, ENZO Olive Oil Company is vertically integrated, which means the entire growing, harvesting, milling, bottling and shipping process is completed from start to finish on-site, producing one of the freshest oils available with superior quality and taste. The olive trees – planted in an optimal climate, similar to the Mediterranean region – are carefully nurtured year-round. Once picked at prime conditions, the olives are then transported immediately from the grove to the Ricchiuti’s mill where the crush begins. When the milling process is complete, the olive oil is then bottled and ready to be enjoyed by all.

Another unique aspect of ENZO Olive Oil Company is Patrick and Vincent’s commitment to producing only the highest quality of certified organic and kosher extra virgin olive oil. Knowing the health and nutritional advantages of organic foods, Patrick and Vincent decided from the onset to subscribe to stringent organic and kosher farming and processing standards and principles. Drawing upon their farming expertise, Patrick and Vincent meticulously monitor each phase of the growing, harvesting and milling process. This hands-on approach has proven to be a difference-maker in producing award-winning organic and kosher extra virgin olive oil.

Gourmet Wine Jelly by California Signature Flavors

When thinking about entertaining at home, most people plan on serving chips with a dip, or a cheese platter with crackers or bread. Now there is a perfect condiment that takes it to the next level. Introducing a line of delicious gourmet wine jelly by California Signature Flavors.

Why wine jelly by California Signature Flavors? Its wine jellies are all natural, delicious, flavorful and use the simplest ingredients. These wine jellies are sure to please anyone who enjoy the flavors and aromas of fine wines. The wine jelly comes in four fabulous flavors: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Vin Rosé.

The wine jellies are great enjoyed as a condiment, with cheese and crackers. Pair it with a soft or hard cheese; these wine jellies will enhance it. Take it up a notch and serve it alongside a palette of caviar.

Put some on top of grilled meats and seafood. Use it as either a marinade or to compliment your dish; the wine jellies bring out the flavor. Each of the flavors will season the meat a certain way, so experiment and enjoy the outcome!

Then there is breakfast, where wine jellies are the perfect wake up addition. It is perfect on Belgian waffles, pancakes, French toast, or spread it on every nook and cranny of that toasted English muffin. The tastes melt into your mouth, leaving you wanting more!

For dessert, wine jellies plus ice cream is pure heaven. A little dab on your favorite frozen flavor makes a simple treat into a decadent experience.

Carlson Olive Your Heart Blends Benefits of Olive Oil and Omega-3s

Carlson is known for its quality and award-winning omega-3 nutritional supplements; now they’re available in a premium olive oil.

Carlson Olive Your Heart® blends premium Terra Creta extra virgin olive oil from the heart of Crete, Greece with the most beneficial omega-3s, EPA and DHA, from deep, cold-water fish. It’s mild, smooth and comes in four flavors: natural, lemon, garlic and basil. It’s never been easier to add healthy heart nutrients into your diet.

Extra virgin olive oil from high-quality olives naturally contains important antioxidants, called polyphenols. Like other antioxidants, polyphenols help fight oxidative stress and promote a healthy inflammatory response. The company recommends 1 tablespoon of Olive Your Heart per day for optimal nutritional benefits.

carlsonlab fciOlive Your Heart starts with quality Terra Creta extra virgin olive oil. Terra Creta olive oil is derived from ancient olive trees in the Kolymvari region of western Crete, Greece. The family-owned trees are cultivated with a long tradition and passion, environmental awareness and scientific support by Cretan farmers. Every single bottle of Terra Creta extra virgin olive oil must meet four strict quality measures: 1) Healthy attributes – it must be low in acidity and have a significant amount of polyphenols, vitamin E and other beneficial elements; 2) Organoleptic evaluation (taste-flavor) – it must have organoleptic properties well above accepted average levels in each category; 3) Contaminant-free – every batch of olive oil is analyzed for undesirable elements to ensure they exceed international standards and have guaranteed consistency; 4) Special analysis – the olive oil undergoes further analysis required by the International Olive Oil Council and the United States.

Each serving of Olive Your Heart also offers a healthy dose of the important omega-3s EPA and DHA. The American Heart Association suggests we eat at least two 3.5-ounce servings of salmon or other oily fish per week in order to receive the recommended intake of omega-3s. Since most Americans don’t get this amount from diet alone, Olive Your Heart can be a smart and delicious option.

Carlson Olive Your Heart also naturally provides omega-9 oleic acid (a staple of the Mediterranean diet). Omega-9 supports a healthy inflammatory response, and promotes immune and cardiovascular system health. When our body has enough omega-3s and omega-6, it can produce omega-9. However, if we don’t have enough omega-3s and omega-6, then we must get omega-9 from our diet.

For a delicious, premium olive oil that packs the powerful punch of polyphenols and sneaks in the health benefits of omega-3s and omega-9, choose Carlson Olive Your Heart.

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