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Wicked Joe Coffee Company Poised to Meet Growing Demand

Wicked JoeWicked Joe’s deliciously sustainable roasts are poised to meet growing demand. Global coffee consumption is expected to grow 1.2 percent over the next year starting in October, and American consumption is expected to be up 1.5 percent this year alone, reported Bloomberg. Today, Wicked Joe is available in more than 1,800 grocery stores nationwide, and the company expects to roast more than 1 million pounds of organic and fair trade certified coffee. “At Wicked Joe, we maintain the highest social, environmental, production and quality practices,” said Owner Carmen Garver. “We believe that by building a sustainable company and creating exceptional coffees using best practices, we have the greatest lasting impact on our environment and community.”

Despite its success, Wicked Joe remains highly dedicated to quality, community and sustainability. A Certified B Corp., Wicked Joe’s products are organic, fair trade and non-GMO verified. All of the company’s coffees are certified either organic or fair trade.

Wicked Joe Owners Bob and Carmen Garver also elevate social responsibility standards by visiting their global farm partners several times a year to meet with growers, build relationships and understand the company’s impact on the community. In 2016 alone, Wicked Joe Coffee contributed an additional $150,000 to partner communities.

Wicked Joe Coffee’s dedication to sustainability is also demonstrated in a repurposed 25,000 square-foot sustainable roasting facility that’s certified organic and fair trade, boasts two different kinds of solar energy collectors as well as a state of the art Loring Coffee Roasters patented technology that eliminates the need for an afterburner, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent.

“This is a very exciting time to be working in coffee. There is a tremendous focus on increasing quality at every step of the supply chain,” said Bob Garver, Founder of Wicked Joe. “From farm to mill to roastery to coffeehouse, coffee professionals are experimenting with new methods of farming, processing, roasting and brewing coffees. We love everything about our lives in coffee, but working closely with our farmer partners at origin who produce our delicious coffees is absolutely one of the most joyful and meaningful things we do.”

The company offers single origin coffees such as Sumatra and Colombia Tolima as well as bold blends like Big House, Wicked French, Wicked Italian, First Tracks and more. In 2017, the company’s retail concept, Bard Coffee, in Portland, Maine, won a Good Food Award.

Tara Kirch Rejoins Best Cheese Corporation

Best Cheese Corporation, importer and distributor of Dutch cheese brands and owner of Artisanal Coach Farm, has announced that Tara Kirch has rejoined the company as Senior Director of Marketing. With Kirch’s return, LeeMarie McGuigan assumes all supply chain and customer service responsibility for the total company with the title of Senior Director of Supply Chain & Customer Service.

Best Cheese, a full subsidiary of Best Cheese Global Inc. (BCG) based in the Netherlands, markets and sells cheese and dairy products under brand names as Parrano, Uniekaas, Coach Farm and Melkbus. It is based in Purchase, New York, and operates an artisanal goat farm in Hudson Valley, New York.

Kirch has spent over a decade in advertising and marketing on consumer packaged goods and specialty food brands. She most recently served as brand manager at Harvest Hill Beverage Company, a Brynwood Partners VII L.P. company. Before joining Harvest Hill, Kirch served as brand manager of pladisNA a subsidiary of pladis global. Prior to three years with pladisNA, Kirch led the marketing for Best Cheese Corporation.

“I am excited to rejoin Best Cheese Corporation and the dairy industry,” Kirch said. “I am looking forward to adding focus and expansion to our current brands and building new brands to deliver on the demand of innovative specialty cheeses in the United States.”

Barney Butter Packs for School Lunches

Back to school signifies a busy time in many households, but can also be a welcome return to routine and organized schedules. One such routine is packing school lunches and making sure kids have healthy and nutritious lunches and snacks to see them through the long school day and extracurricular activities.

Barney Butter, the family-owned almond butter brand, has a number of flavorsome, energy-filled, gluten-free, allergy-friendly and 100 percent peanut-free snacks in its product line up that are ideal for back to school. Importantly, Barney Butter is non-GMO verified and doesn’t just use non-GMO ingredients, but ones that are organic and fair trade when possible.

Barney Butter POS caddyParents can stock up on over seven different flavors of Barney Butter, including Smooth, Crunchy, Honey + Flax, Raw + Chia, Cocoa + Coconut, as well as Bare Smooth and Bare Crunch that have no added sugar or salt. These are great mainstays to have on hand for sandwiches, including banana sandwiches.

The almond butter “Dip Cups” are designed as grab-and-go snacks. The 1-ounce Dip Cups come in foil-sealed cups, packaged in six-count caddies, and perfect for active families and school lunches. They’re available in five of Barney Butter’s most popular flavors, including salt-and-sugar-free Bare.

Barney Butter almond butter caddySnack packs are another perfect grab-and-go snack. The .6-ounce packs are available in 24 count or 6 count and will easily fit into a lunchbox or even pocket for busy kids on the go.

Parents can also buy 16-ounce bags of Barney Butter’s unsalted Blanched & Roasted Almonds and separate into little bags as a healthy and nutritious snack.

President & CEO of Barney Butter, Dawn Kelley, remarked on how Barney Butter and its range of grab-and-go snacks fit the needs of the brand’s core group of consumers, many of whom are parents: “As busy, working parents ourselves, Steve and I always try to make sure our kids eat healthily and have enough energy to make it through the school day. That’s why our Dip Cups, Snack Packs and Almonds are ideal lunchbox additions, while a selection of Barney Butter flavors are great staples to keep in the home for making lunches or a quick snack after school.”

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