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SunRidge Farms Energy Chews Offer Superfoods for Energy

SupergreensSunRidge Farms‘ new¬†Super Greens Energy Chews are like a green smoothie, except that they come in the form of a little snack cube. They’re made with spinach, broccoli, kale and spirulina along with coconut, apple and banana to provide 6 grams of vegetable protein per serving, which is a quarter cup of the cubes. They’re a good source of iron and vitamin C as well as fiber. They’re low in sodium and contain 0 g of trans fats and no genetically modified organisms or artificial ingredients.

cocoa macaFor a snack that’s a little nuttier, SunRidge Farms is offering its new Organic Chocolate Maca Energy Chews. These are made with superfoods maca root and spirulina along with nuts, seeds and Fair Trade Certified organic cocoa. A 1/4 cup of these little cubes offers 6 grams of protein and is a good source of iron and fiber. They’re cholesterol free and low in sodium.

kids mixkids mixSunRidge Farms’ all natural kids mix is also brand new. It’s a combination of dry roasted almonds, roasted peanuts, raisins, dried apples, milk chocolate peanut butter cups and Fair Trade Cocoa milk chocolate Rainbow Drops. The snack mix offers 4 grams of protein per 1/4-cup serving and is a good source of Vitamin E, magnesium and copper and an excellent source of manganese. It’s low in sodium and is made without artificial ingredients, preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

Mug Cake Kits from Molly & Drew

ImAMom_COB_largeMolly & Drew, known for its beer bread mixes, has created on-trend gift sets with its Mug Cake Kits, which each contain one mug and one cake mix.

The recipient just adds water, stirs and microwaves for a single serving mug cake in 90 seconds.

The company also offers single-serve packets of mug cake mixes that will cross-merchandise with the mugs you’re already carrying too. They come in four flavors: Ooey-Gooey Chocolate, the company’s best-seller; Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel; Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake; and Chocolate Candy Cane.

The mug and mix gift sets retail for $10, and the single serving mixes retail for around $4 apiece.

Lillie’s Q Introduces Kettle Potato Chips Inspired by Regional Barbecue Styles

Lillie’s Q, known for its line of regional barbecue sauces, has introduced a line of kettle potato chips in flavors inspired by those barbecue traditions. Carolina Dirt BBQ chips are flavored with Lillie’s Q’s sugar-based barbecue rub. Sea Salt & Black Pepper speaks for itself, Hot Pepper Vinegar is made with a variety of pickled hot peppers and Pimento Cheese Kettle Chips are, of course, flavored with that down home favorite. The line also includes Lillie’s Q Original Kettle Chips.

Lillie's Q

The 1.65-ounce single-serving bags retail for $1.40 to $1.50, while the 6-ounce bags retail from around $3.75 to $4.00.

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