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Numi Organic Tea Announces New Indulgent Teas

Numi Indulgent TeaNumi Organic Tea has announced the imminent arrival of a new product line: Indulgent Tea.  A new collection of chocolate teas, Numi’s Indulgent Tea line celebrates the blending of two favorite flavors: tea and cacao.

While food trends come and go, chocolate has been an object of cravings and affection since the first cacao plant originated in the Amazon in 2000 BC.  Today, chocolate is getting its due for being more than delicious, and is heralded for its health benefits and mood-boosting properties.  Numi’s Indulgent Teas provide a guilt-free way for chocolate lovers to satisfy cravings for sweetness and enjoy the good-for-you qualities of cacao.

The Numi Indulgent Teas will retail for $7.99 for a box of 12 tea bags. Each cup of the tea contains only five calories. The tea blends can be enjoyed any time of day with milk or honey or on their own.

“Since we launched our Chocolate Pu-erh Tea in 2008, it has increased in its popularity every year,” says Ahmed Rahim, CEO and Chief Alchemist for Numi Organic Tea.  “Now we are pleased to introduce our Indulgent Teas, combining some of our top-selling tea blends with cacao to offer unique tastes for every palate within the ever-growing chocolate tea category.”

Numi Indulgent Teas are certified organic, verified non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified, and made with 100 percent real ingredients, including real cacao powder.  Consumers can choose from four flavors, each available in boxes containing 12 tea bags each:

Chocolate Rooibos: Smooth South African rooibos is enveloped by creamy real vanilla beans, sweet honeybush and rich cacao. This sensual treat is a delightful, soothing beverage you can melt into. Chocolate Rooibos is blended with 45 percent cacao.

Chocolate Mint: This blend of Numi’s Moroccan Mint, cacao and orange peel has a sweet balance. The spearmint flavor adds a bit of spice while orange peel adds a hint of citrus. Chocolate Mint is blended with 55 percent cacao.

Chocolate Earl Grey: Numi’s delicious Aged Earl Grey™ tea blends perfectly with cacao and real vanilla beans. Sweet bergamot orange notes harmonize with creamy vanilla and chocolate for a captivating treat. Chocolate Earl Grey is blended with 50 percent cacao.

Chocolate Spice: This melt-in-your-mouth chocolate spice tea blends rich cacao with a host of colorful chai spices. Ginger and allspice are warming, while cardamom adds kick and cinnamon rounds off this exotic treat. Chocolate Spice is blended with 45 percent cacao.

Numi Organic Tea

Indulgent Teas

Suggested Retail Price:  $7.99

Available to ship beginning April 2014

Nocciolata From Rigoni di Asiago Is A Must-Have

Rigoni Di Asiago USANocciolata organic chocolate hazelnut spread with cocoa and milk by Rigoni di Asiago is a must-have. Creamy and natural, with carefully selected organic ingredients, Nocciolata is produced by combining all natural ingredients with care and an artisan’s devotion of time.

It is not processed with chemical ingredients and does not contain additives or colorings. There are no artificial flavorings either. West Indian cocoa, Italian hazelnuts and Madagascar vanilla are the three main ingredients, and they’re made even creamier with the addition of cocoa butter. All fats are completely natural and no palm oil or hydrogenated oils are used. And of course Nicciolata is gluten-free!

Founded in 1923, Rigoni di Asiago is located on the Asiago plateau, 90 miles north of Venice, where the Rigoni family has always lived and worked surrounded only by nature. Rigoni di Asiago is the producer of Nocciolata, Fiordifrutta organic fruit spread and Mielbio organic honey.

For more information, visit or

Rubschlager’s Rye-Ola Breads Put New Spin on Pumpernickel

Rubschlager BakingRubschlager BakingRubschlager Baking Corporation’s Rye-Ola® Breads, made with 100 percent whole rye, provide a flavorful source of whole grains. Rye-Ola breads contain no added wheat, fat, or sweetening, and have the true taste of Northern European breads, but are baked in Chicago by the company best-known for its cocktail breads.

All varieties are based on the Pumpernickel formula. A generous amount of sunflower kernels are added for Rye-Ola Sunflower; brown flax seeds to make Rye-Ola Flax, and black-strap molasses adds color and tang to the Rye-Ola Black Rye. Each 1-pound package contains 11 thin but hearty slices. Use them for small hors d’oeuvres by cutting first in half, then each half into three or four wedges. Rye-Olas lend themselves to both open-face and closed sandwiches, which can be served hot or cold.

For more information on Rubschlager Baking Corporation, located at 3220 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60651, head to, call 773-826-1245 or email


Salty Wahine Brings Hawaiian Flavor to the World

SaltyWahine-FPAward-winning Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts is a new Hawaiian company that specializes in Hawaiian Sea Salts, flavored seasonings and Hawaii-grown cane sugars infused with fruits, like guava, mango, passion fruit, lychee, coconut and pineapple. Busy customers love the unique colors, tropical flavors and convenience of cooking a gourmet meal with Salty Wahine products.

Salty Wahine’s emphasis is on eating healthy. Coupled with tropical flavors, Salty Wahine products make eating healthy fun.

Salty Wahine started in 2008 and has since grown into an international company. Salty Wahine salts, seasonings and sugars are sold at craft fairs, farmers markets and high-end retail stores in Hawaii, Alaska, the continental United States, Canada, Germany and Saipan.

Contact Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts by mail at P.O. Box 828, Hanapepe, Hawaii, 96716, by phone at 808.346.2942, by fax at 808.442.1230 or by email at Also visit the company online at

Saratoga Chips: The Second Coming of ‘America’s First Potato Chip’

Saratoga ChipsDid you know America’s first potato chip was called a “Saratoga Chip”? It’s true.

Saratoga Chips date back to 1853, when the potato chip was first created at Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs. In fact, from 1853 to 1920 all the potato chips in the country were called Saratoga Chips.

Saratoga Chips are the gold standard by which all other kettle chips should be measured. The company produces the finest tasting handmade kettle chip using only all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, then rigorously tests them to ensure that the chips achieve industry leading health claims. Saratoga Chips are all-natural, non-GMO, zero trans fats or cholesterol, gluten-free, and kosher certified.

Saratoga Chips are available in 8-ounce family size and 1.5-ounce snack sizes and come in the following delicious unique flavors: Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salt, Honey BBQ, Rosemary Garlic, Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, and of course the Original Saratoga Chips.

For more information head to

Scandic Foods’ Specialty Jam Line Packs More Fruit into Every Jar

Streamline All Natural Jam is a new and delicious specialty jam line focused on putting more fruit in every bite. The Scandic Foods’ recipe uses less sugar so that there is more fruit jammed into every jar, and that is why Streamline Jams taste so great. Made with no high fructose corn syrup and 30 percent less sugar than standard jams, the Scandic Foods process means that jams are expertly prepared to retain the natural flavors of the fruit.

Streamline Jams are heat-treated (pasteurized) and contain no preservatives, additives, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners. The all-natural jam line is also non-GMO. Streamline All Natural is a perfect choice for consumers who are conscious about healthy eating while still demanding great taste and the highest quality.

For information, call 281.348.2161, email, or visit

RiceSelect Introduces Three Exciting New Rice Blend Options

Rice SelectConsumers are constantly looking for alternatives to the same old side dishes. RiceSelect™, producers of well-known Texmati® rice, has introduced three new options – Royal Blend® with Chia, RiceSelect Arborio with Jalapeño and RiceSelect Arborio with Mushrooms.

These hearty, all natural, nutritious side dishes have distinctive flavors that will appeal to today’s savvy and health-conscious consumers. Delicious and easy to prepare, these tasty rice blends can be turned into entrée dishes simply by adding chicken, beef or another protein of choice. They are packed in the consumer-friendly signature RiceSelect resealable, recyclable, reusable plastic jars.

For more information on Rice Select head to

Star Kay White’s Vanilla and Chocolate Extracts Represent Five Generations of Flavor

Star Kay WhiteVanilla and chocolate are a classic combination. World-renowned ice cream flavor manufacturer Star Kay White has been making vanilla extract and chocolate extract for five generations, since 1890. Gold Star Vanilla Extract® and Pure Chocolate Extract #18® are simply world class.

Gold Star Vanilla Extract is guaranteed to be two-fold (twice the concentration), made from 100 percent Grade 1 Madagascan beans, cold processed, non-GMO and with no sugar added. No one else in the retail marketplace makes this combined guarantee.

Pure Chocolate Extract #18 captures the botanical notes of chocolate that are lost in the high-heat and pressures required in processing of chocolate and cocoa. It is the worldwide standard by which all other chocolate extracts are judged.

Compare these extracts in quality and price to any other in the marketplace and decide for yourself. Use these separately or together to make your creation superlative.

For more information, visit

Kittawa Springs Dippin Sauce: Homemade Taste From the Bluegrass State

Kittawa Springs Dippin Sauce gives you that homemade taste from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, and the proceeds from the sales help children’s charities. It began when Rev. Dan Smith started with $50.00 of his own money, his grandmother’s recipe from a barbecue restaurant in western Kentucky and the desire to help children in need. He began cooking the recipe in his parsonage in 1997 with the help of his wife and two young children. Each bottle was produced, a label printed and applied by hand and sold to family and friends. From the beginning they gave all the proceeds to the United Methodist Children’s Homes of Kentucky, which care for children across the state. The two young children grew up and left, so Dan’s mother and sister, affectionately known across Kentucky as “The Sauce Ladies,” volunteered to help with the project.

Due to its delicious taste and popular demand the sauce is now made in a commercial kitchen and is available at grocery retailers, gourmet and specialty retailers, local fairs and festivals, churches across the state or online at The Dippin Sauce has slowly started tempting taste buds all across the Bluegrass State, throughout the whole southeast and beyond. Ii is now available for food lovers nationwide.

The versatile sauce was originally developed for pork barbecue, although it can be used anywhere you use ketchup or barbecue sauce. It’s ideal on steak, pork, chicken or vegetables, and true to its name, people love dipping all kinds of food in it. The Dippin Sauce is available in 18-ounce plastic bottles and can be purchased individually or by the (12) case. It’s the perfect sauce for food lovers, restaurants and caterers. Try a Bottle Of The Only Sauce Guaranteed to Save Kids.

For dealer information or to purchase, contact: Kittawa Springs, Dippin Sauce. Email: 270-622-8250

Hot Sauce Battle Heats Up

By Lorrie Baumann

The recent judge-ordered shutdown of a sriracha factory in Irwindale, Calif. has heat-lovers everywhere worried about where they will get their next bottle – a sriracha shortage is reported to be coming soon. Southern California newspapers reported last Thursday, the California Department of Public Health had ordered Huy Fong Foods not to ship its popular Sriracha hot sauce and two other sauces for the next 30 days while the department investigates whether the sauce is safe. As a result, batches of the company’s three sauces, Sriracha, Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek, will not be shipped to food distributors and wholesalers until mid-January.

See the January issue of Gourmet News for much more about what’s happening in the world of hot sauce. 

The Guardian newspaper recently reported from London that sriracha sauce has become a cult condiment in the United Kingdom, and sriracha fans there are concerned about the possibility of a worldwide shortage of the fiery sauce if the plant closes. The newspaper quoted the Juliette Wall, Co-founder of the Pho Vietnamese restaurant chain, with a comment that many of the Pho restaurants were seeing customers eating whole spoonfuls of sriracha sauce with every bite of pho. “We’ve also had to add chillies to our noac cham sauce — which never had chillies in it before — to cater to the demand for heat,” the newspaper quoted Wall, spelling the word “chillies” to conform to British usage.

Scientists reported as far back as 1980 in a study supported by the National Science Foundation that all it takes for people to grow to like chili pepper is to be exposed to gradually increasing levels of chili in food, and people around the world are discovering that for themselves. People don’t stop feeling the burn when they eat chilis, the scientists say — they just get to like it. “There is a clear hedonic shift,” is the way University of Pennsylvania researchers Paul Rozin and Deborah Schiller put it. reported earlier this year that, “Spicy chili/pepper sauces have continued their incredibly swift growth pace in 2012, posting an estimated 9 percent gain in current value terms to reach sales of US$540 million,” and the IBIS World marketing research firm reported in 2012 that the hot sauce industry was the eighth-fastest growing industry in America, with hot sauce production revenue growing at 9.3 percent per year in 2011 and predicted to grow at an average annual rate of 4.1 percent over the following five years. IBIS also predicted that as the market expressed greater interest in spicier sauces, the market share for mild sauces would decline in favor of the hotter varieties.

In response to growing enthusiasm for the spicy condiment, Roland has just introduced Roland® Sriracha.  Roland  Sriracha is made from sun-ripened chiles and garlic with a hint of sweetness. The condiment is made in the traditional Thai style using an authentic recipe and then imported to the United States by Roland Foods.

Roland Feng Shui Sriracha PeasRoland is also bringing out Feng Shui Sriracha Chili Sauce Coated Green Peas for the snack foods aisle. Packaged in 4.4-ounce bags, the Feng Shui sriracha peas are zesty but not overwhelmingly spicy. They’re also gluten-free and made without artificial colors or MSG.

Named after the city of Si Racha in Thailand, Sriracha chili sauce has been used in Thai cuisine as a seafood condiment, and is also widely used in Vietnamese cuisine as a topping for pho, fried noodles, and spring rolls.  Sriracha can also be used as a replacement for your favorite hot sauce whenever you need a little spice.

Here are some additional serving ideas from Roland:

  • Add a squirt of Sriracha to your favorite condiment – mustard, mayonnaise, or ketchup
  • Drizzle popcorn with sriracha and toss for a spicy cinema treat
  • Top soups and stews with a bright red swirl of seasoning
  • Use a drop or two to add zest to salad dressings (plus the sauce works well as an emulsifying agent)
  • Mix a dollop into a bloody mary
  • Whisk some honey, soy sauce, and lime juice into sriracha for a marinade for grilled chicken
  • Saute sliced garlic and chopped ginger with sriracha in a hot skillet. Add sliced greens of your choice and cook until tender.

Gourmet News

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