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Unique Uncle Bunk’s Condiments Are Sure To Delight

Do you want to entice both new and returning customers with a great product line? Try Uncle Bunk’s award-winning condiments. Crafted in small batches using locally grown produce and old-fashioned Appalachian recipes, these products are handmade in West Virginia by Uncle Bunk himself. Once customers sample Uncle Bunk’s, they will clamor for more “Condiments with a Kick.”

Uncle Bunk’s Mustard Relish, available in medium and hot, is a sweet and spicy mustard, better known in West Virginia as Hot Pepper Butter. This product was a 2011 sofi Silver Finalist for Outstanding Condiment, which tops off an impressive list of wins that include Scovie Awards, Fiery Food Challenge awards and a Bronze at the World Wide Mustard Festival.

Made with six different kinds of hot peppers, Uncle Bunk’s Rustic Pepper Sauce, available in medium and hot, is a unique cross between a salsa and a spicy ketchup. It also has claimed both Scovie and Fiery Food Challenge awards.

Uncle Bunk’s 14 Day Sweet Pickles, the crispiest pickle you will ever eat, are made across 14 days using a 100-year-old family recipe. Country Living Magazine called them the best regional pickle in 2010. If you like things hot, the company’s 14 Day Hot Sweet Pickles, a fiery version of the classic Sweet Pickles will heat you up. They are a 2013 Fiery Food Challenge winner and First Place Scovie Award winner.

For more information, visit, call 304.652.1920, or email

Sensational Sweets Introduces Mini Pizzas

The buzz at the Sensational Sweets booth at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show was all about the company’s new Mini Pizzas and the new flavors for Sensational Sweets’ Chippers the Bark With a Bite®. Not only do the Mini Pizzas fill the consumer request for a more “individual” serving size, they will also will push sales for the Sensational Sweets’ larger dessert Pizzas. Hand-crafted, layer upon layer, these sweet Mini Pizzas are awesomely unique and tasty. Packaged in a smaller, matching pizza box, the Pizzas and Mini Pizzas display very well together.

The new Bark flavors introduced at the show include pomegranate, chai latte and pumpkin. The response to the flavors was great, with attendees proclaiming that they are truly delicious. Sales have been very strong, as the flavors and colors work well for everyone’s fall and holiday displays.

According to the team at Sensational Sweets, this was the strongest Fancy Food Show at which the company has exhibited in years. There was an unprecedented degree of interest in the company’s offerings and a terrific number of orders written.

Contact Sensational Sweets/Creative Cookie etc., at 570.524.4361, or check out the company’s website at Let Sensational Sweets sweeten your day!

Lizbeth Lane Offers More than Simmer and Pizza Sauces

Retailers and their consumers alike know and love Lizbeth Lane Cuisine’s line of gourmet, all-natural and gluten-free simmer sauces, as well as the company’s new line of unique pizza sauces. However, many retailers may not know that these sauces are being used in some pretty creative and unorthodox ways!

Lizbeth Lane does many in-store demos of its sauces, and demonstrators often hear from consumers that they are using the company’s simmer sauces in ways they had not considered. One customer recently told a demo person that she used Lizbeth Lane’s Piccata Sauce over grilled salmon. Another customer told the story of making a cold gazpacho with the company’s Mediterranean Tomato Sauce. Another said that she used Lizbeth Lane’s Marsala Sauce as a key ingredient in a delicious chicken pot pie. Who knew!

The team at Lizbeth Lane advises gourmet retailers that when offering the company’s simmer and pizza sauces on their shelves, it is important to let store employees know about the fabulous sauces and how they are typically used and enjoyed. However, it also helps sales to mention unique uses as well. Nothing bumps sales like getting the wheels turning in a customer’s head as they imagine making a stellar meal.

Lizbeth Lane’s line of simmer sauces includes Lemon Piccata, Marsala Tarragon, Mediterranean Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper & Basil Cream. The sauces allow your customer to make a gourmet quality entrée in about 15 minutes. Lizbeth Lane’s pizza sauces come in three unique and delicious flavors, including Tomatillo Cilantro, Roasted Vegetable and Tomato, Pepper & Basil. Imagine what you could do with them!

Visit the Lizbeth Lane website to learn more about some of the great recipe ideas for the company’s products. You will see that Lizbeth Lane had more to offer than just simmer sauces over meat or pizza sauce on a crust.

For more information, contact Lizbeth Lane Cuisine by email at, by phone at 215.480.2710, or visit the company online at


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